"They gave him the jabroni title" - WWE legend Road Dogg believes top champion was utilized poorly on AEW Dynamite Fyter Fest Night 1 (Exclusive)

Road Dogg made some interesting comments this week
Road Dogg made some interesting comments this week

Former WWE Superstar Road Dogg believes that AEW fumbled the ball with a top star's recent booking.

While Tony Khan has certainly proved his merit with the storylines in his promotions, Wardlow's recent matches have raised a lot of eyebrows. The TNT Champion is currently a tremendous fan favorite, with loud pops on each of his entries.

Last week's Dynamite episode saw him face off against Orange Cassidy. While the match took up a decent chunk of the program, the Babyface vs Babyface fight did not do much in terms of building up Mr. Mayhem.

On Sportskeeda's The Wrestling Outlaws, WWE legend Road Dogg also shared his two cents on the topic:

"I wasn't a fan either man, it took him 18 minutes... You know they gave him the jabroni title, it doesn't mean nothing. When he was a guy that was really, it seemed like he was 'the guy'. You know what I mean? And maybe he is in the future. I just don't think you needed to give him that, other than, the best title for that. (...) And I think taking him 18 minutes to beat the jokey guy... I get it the guy is over..." (7:16 - 7:48)

You can check out the full interview here:


Wardlow currently has all the signs of a major player in the making. Only time will tell what is next for Mr. Mayhem in the foreseeable future.

Wardlow was recently compared to another WWE legend

The reigning TNT Champion has already made a big enough splash in the pro-wrestling community to be compared to Goldberg.

In an interview with Busted Open podcast, Tommy Dreamer drew parallels between WWE legend Goldberg and Wardlow.

"Wardlow is this generation's Goldberg, done right," Dreamer said.

Goldberg has also responded to these comparisons positively, praising Mr. Mayhem on his meteoric rise through the ranks.

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