"There can't be any mess-ups" - WWE legend hails 34-year-old AEW star as Goldberg of the modern era

Da Man is a WWE Hall of Famer!
Da Man is a WWE Hall of Famer!

Tommy Dreamer recently compared AEW star Wardlow to WWE Hall of Famer Goldberg.

On the latest episode of AEW Dynamite, Mr. Mayhem defeated IMPACT Wrestling star W. Morrissey in a clash of two behemoths. MJF personally handpicked Morrissey and offered him six figures to annihilate Wardlow.

While the former WWE Superstar manhandled The War Dog, he eventually fell under the wrath of his Powerbomb Symphony. During the Busted Open podcast, Dreamer called Wardlow the modern-day version of Goldberg.

"Wardlow is this generation's Goldberg, done right," Dreamer said. "He had another very, very good performance. And I've told you this, I've told you this on the air. It's so important when you're developing a character as well as you're developing a person who's going to be a main eventer. Everything that you do for that person has to be meaningful and has to really keep on progressing this person, and there can't be any mess-ups, and when I say mess ups, this person always has to be put in this situation to succeed." (1:10)

Tommy Dreamer further credited MJF for playing a pivotal role in putting Wardlow over as a babyface:

"He's this on deniable force that wants to fighting for his freedom. And, you know, for every great babyface, there has to be a great heel, and that is MJF," he added. (2:02)

After overcoming another barricade, Mr. Mayhem lost his temper when Shawn Spears sent the security staff to handcuff him. The 34-year-old star wiped off the team with his sheer power.

Wardlow then sent a stern message to MJF, promising that he would stop at nothing until he laid his hands on the Pinnacle leader and set himself free from the contract.

The Salt of the Earth surprisingly accepted the challenge but under a few conditions, which he will unveil on Dynamite next week.

Wrestling fans and veterans have previously drawn comparisons between AEW stars and Goldberg

Wardlow isn't the only AEW star and definitely won't be the last to have resembled The Myth.

Not too long ago, Tony Khan compared Jade Cargill's undefeated streak to Goldberg's record-setting winning streak of 183-0 in WCW.

Bill Apter even hailed Hook as the next Goldberg, giving him the nickname "Hookberg."

Regardless of comparisons, it is unlikely that any wrestler would succeed in replicating the WCW legend's legacy. However, the aforementioned stars could create a similar milestone to that of Da Man!

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