NOW is the time to crown MJF as the new AEW World Champion

As the hottest young heel in pro wrestling, MJF should be the next AEW World Champion.
As the hottest young heel in pro wrestling, MJF should be the next AEW World Champion.
Ryan K Boman

Since the very birth of AEW, Tony Khan has made it a point to protect its world championship. It hasn't been hot-shotted or bounced around by falling into just anyone's hands. Throughout the several long title reigns, its lineage has become an important part of the company's story.

After winning the AEW Championship on Sunday at Double or Nothing, it appeared as if CM Punk would be the next man up to carry the banner for a while. However, before fans could even start booking all their fantasy match-ups for the new champ, he announced on the latest Rampage episode that he was stepping away to have surgery performed on his foot.

Five days after fulfilling what appeared to be his destiny, The Second City Saint had to make one of the most difficult announcements of his storied career.

This one hurt, but he'll be back and ready to prove why he's the Best In The World ⚡ #AEWRampage

While CM Punk wasn't forced to relinquish his belt, an interim AEW World Champion will be crowned while he's out. Whoever that person is will be under a ton of pressure, as they have to be on their 'A+ game' to neutralize the temporary loss of one of the industry's biggest stars.

Why MJF needs to win the AEW World Championship soon

Putting the gold around MJF's waist immediately would be a newsworthy decision for several reasons. While it may not be ideal to book his rise to the top, the most valuable commodity they have right now is the Long Island native.

The wrestling community is already abuzz regarding the very open and public disagreements the Salt of the Earth has had with Tony Khan. It appears MJF's concerns have been laid to rest for now, and what was once a shoot is now a part of the storyline.

This makes for a terrific angle if, somehow, MJF can weasel his way to the gold. Not only could he cheat to win, but he would be a thorn in Khan's side for quite some time. Much like Punk or Stone Cold Steve Austin, he can be that anti-establishment anti-hero if given the right angle. He's literally that much of a prodigy in the mat game.

There's also a built-in storyline with Punk when he inevitably returns with his version of the belt. The two men have been deadlocked in their showdowns with one another, but never with the ultimate prize on the line. If MJF has a strong showing as AEW's number one guy, it could lead to a double turn between the two.

While Jon Moxley is already in the mix to possibly fill the vacancy, he will face the winner of a battle royal to determine who challenges for the interim AEW World Championship later. Although this type of match doesn't favor MJF's skill set, he could always use guile and underhanded tactics to advance.

THIS WEDNESDAY on #AEWDynamite at 8/7c on TBS, we’ll kick things off with a Battle Royale to determine who faces #1 contender @JonMoxley in the Dynamite main event. The winner of Dynamite’s main event goes on to #ForbiddenDoor to challenge for the Interim #AEW World Championship!…

As Tony Khan sorts this whole thing out, he already knows he has an ace up his sleeve with MJF. Perhaps he should finally lay that card on the table.

The situation regarding CM Punk was unfortunate, but now it's time to take lemons and turn them into an ocean of lemonade. Letting their brightest young star shine is the best way for AEW to start squeezing those lemons.

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