Backstage word on how CM Punk's camp reacted to The Elite throwing shade at him on AEW Dynamite - Reports 

CM Punk has not been on AEW television since All Out 2022.
CM Punk has not been on AEW television since All Out 2022

CM Punk seemed to be the butt of The Elite's jokes during last night's AEW Dynamite, and according to Dave Meltzer, Punk's associates have given him their reactions to the many digs.

Throughout The Elite's recent trios tag match against Death Triangle, the stars not only took a dig at Punk's botched Buckshot Lariat, but Kenny Omega also delivered his finisher, the GTS. The stars also encouraged the crowd to chant against CM Punk, despite the many boos they received from the Chicago audience.

During the recent Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer gave a brief report on Punk's alleged associates being upset with The Elite's display.

“Man, I know that there are people close to CM Punk. Boy were they not happy with that six-man tag,” Meltzer said. (H/T: SEScoops)
WOR: Dave Meltzer says people close to CM Punk were not happy with The Elite vs. Death Triangle match on AEW Dynamite.

Some fans have also pointed out that Kenny Omega recently urged the AEW fanbase to let go of their gripes, yet the star opted to ridicule Punk with an outrageous heel display on TV. Despite this, The Cleaner still took to social media recently to take another dig at the former Voice of the Voiceless while paying homage to an old friend.

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AEW fans were seemingly divided by the report, with some taking CM Punk's side while others stood with The Elite

Ever since the infamous "Brawl Out" incident, fans have been clearly divided on whether or not CM Punk or The Elite was the guilty party in the backstage tussle. Due to the continued strife, fans were also seemingly divided on the speculation Dave Meltzer put forward.

A number of fans were seemingly upset with The Elite's antics and voiced their dissatisfaction with the trio's behavior during Dynamite. At the same time, a few were hopeful that Punk would still make his return so that the controversy becomes an on-screen storyline.

@WONF4W At this point Punk/Elite/TK all have to know how much money they're leaving on the table if they don't take that shit and turn it into compelling TV.So much money in a Punk/FTR v Elite feud, it's all there and theres reality in it.
@WONF4W I was not happy. They were mocking the voice of the voiceless. He’s an inspiration for so many people and they run him into the mud
@WONF4W It’s almost like he should come back and do something about it.
@JDfromNY206 I wish they would drop that shir and move on. I understand why people have to stay stuck in the pass. I’m getting really tired of this.
@JDfromNY206 As someone who wished the whole fight thing didn’t happen, I didn’t like seeing this and quit watching after this match last night. If it’s not turning into an angle, it just comes off as unprofessional IMO.
@JDfromNY206 Punk: I work with childrenThe Elite: We are going to prove you are absolutely right…

Fans against the Second City Saint were very passionate about their gripes, with many slamming the star for his actions leading up to this point. Additionally, fans of The Elite also opted to gloat, showing that the bad blood runs deep.

@moremorevodka @WONF4W That whole moniker went away when he was class shaming people who work at target
@WONF4W Lettem cry, their takeover failed
@WONF4W CM Punk people weren't happy? Oh dear
@WONF4W AWWWW... Cry me a F'N river. CM Punk did it to himself. To the #CMPunk fans. MOVE ON!. #TheELITE is not going anywhere
@johnny_bottlez @WONF4W PHIL takes things way too personally to squash things w anybody.PHIL is the “I’m right” guy.He’d never bend even if it was to his own benefit.Dude lives to be angry with somebody or something.

It remains to be seen whether or not CM Punk is truly done with AEW, as despite rampant rumors, the star is still signed to the promotion. Unfortunately, until Tony Khan makes an announcement, Punk will be considered an AEW talent - for better or worse.

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