Major AEW star thought to 'be in a very good position' with potential interest from Triple H & WWE

Triple H may potentially sign a major AEW star in the future
Triple H may potentially sign a major AEW star in the future

A top AEW star is apparently going to be in a good position to negotiate following his contract expiry, especially since he may have interest from WWE.

The star in question, Kenny Omega, is currently considered to be one of the best pro wrestlers in the business. He has won several World Titles over the years, including the AEW World Championship Belt. However, it has been reported that his contract with Tony Khan's company is expected to be up this year.

Speaking on Wrestling Observer Radio, Meltzer speculated that the Cleaner would potentially be in the midst of a bidding war between Tony Khan and Triple H:

"If Cody had not gotten over, then they would have said, ‘hey, these AEW guys don’t get over,’ but that didn’t happen either. So, but it’s not, you know, Tony Khan losing Kenny Omega," said Meltzer. "So to me, from a perception standpoint, would be really, really bad, so I would say that Kenny Omega is in a very good position. I’m not saying today, but whenever that day is, 9 months down the line. Again, we don’t know what’s gonna happen with the TV deal, it may not be negotiated until next year." (1:35:59 onwards)
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The AEW star had briefly worked with WWE before

While Kenny Omega gained fame through his work in NJPW and AEW among others, he had a short stint with the Stamford-based Promotion back in 2005.

The Cleaner had managed to secure a contract with DSW, WWE's then-developmental territory. However, he requested his release shortly afterwards. In an interview with Monthly Puroresu, Omega claimed that the experience had almost made him quit pro-wrestling altogether:

"[I]t wasn't for me, At that point I had thought maybe wrestling isn't for me because I was thinking at the highest level, when it becomes more of a business rather than a passion. Maybe I'm not the businessman that I thought that I was, maybe I was never meant to be at the highest level. Things are meant to be micromanaged. Maybe it isn't what made me fall in love with wrestling to begin with," Omega said. [ H/T - WrestlingInc]

As of now, it remains to be seen what the future holds for The Cleaner.

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