Details on former WWE Superstar Jeff Hardy's potential return to AEW

Jeff Hardy at an AEW Dynamite event in 2022
Jeff Hardy at an AEW Dynamite event in 2022

There has been an update regarding Jeff Hardy's potential return to AEW programming after an extended hiatus from wrestling.

Hardy was arrested in June 2022 for driving under the influence of alcohol. Following the incident, he was suspended from AEW with the condition that he could only return to the ring if he underwent substance abuse treatment and maintained sobriety.

The shocking arrest led to many original plans for The Hardys and the AEW tag team division being flipped on its head. Jeff and his brother Matt were seemingly scheduled to win the AEW Tag Team Championship before The Charismatic Enigma's suspension.

Meanwhile, Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter has stated that Hardy could finish his rehab soon and return to the squared circle.

"Jeff Hardy is expected to be out of rehab soon and back in the ring." (H/T WrestleTalk)

While Jeff has been away, his brother Matt Hardy has been on TV sporadically without a significant storyline. However, he is scheduled to face Darby Allin this week on AEW Rampage.

Matt Hardy believes fans will see a new Jeff Hardy when he returns

Despite having distinguished runs as singles wrestlers, many thought Jeff Hardy joining AEW would see The Hardys go on one final run.

Matt Hardy also seems optimistic about his final stint with the former world champion. On his Extreme Life of Matt Hardy podcast, The Broken One claimed that the fans would soon see an entirely new version of his brother.

"We’re getting close to the point where we meet the new Jeff and we figure out his future and what he ends up doing. I’m pretty excited because I feel like his mentality is like — he knows he has to make some changes and do what’s right. I feel like he’s at a point where he will this time around. I’m excited to have him back and I think this would be amazing. It’d be so much fun.” (H/T WrestleTalk)
Young Bucks backstage absolutely marking out to Jeff Hardy's AEW debut. 💀

As of now, there are no concrete updates about the former WWE star's comeback. Fans will have to wait and see if Matt and Jeff continue to team up once the latter returns to the ring.

Are you excited to see The Hardys in AEW again? Let us know in the comments section down below.

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