Suspended AEW star Sammy Guevara went off script during match with Jeff Hardy - Reports

Jeff Hardy is a former WWE Champion
Jeff Hardy is a former WWE Champion.

AEW star Sammy Guevara was recently suspended by the company after his match against Jeff Hardy on Rampage a couple of weeks ago. According to recent reports, the former TNT Champion went off-script during the match.

The Charismatic Enigma took on Sammy Guevara in a No Disqualification match on Rampage that involved a lot of high-risk maneuvers. Unfortunately, the most memorable part of the match was the horrifying botch by Sammy Guevara, who landed on Hardy's head while performing the Shooting Star Press from the top rope.

Jeff Hardy was reportedly concussed after Guevara's knee hit his face, and he received medical attention. Guevara was told to finish off the match right away; however, he decided to hit his GTH finishing move, which involved contact of his knee with a concussed Jeff Hardy's head.

On the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, it was revealed that Sammy Guevara hitting his finisher on Hardy may be the reason behind his suspension from the company:

"Regarding Sammy Guevara’s AEW suspension, apparently Doc Sampson came out to check on Jeff Hardy after Sammy Guevara’s knee landed on his face. Because at the time there was fear of a concussion, Guevara was told to go right to the finish. Instead, he continued the match and ended up using his GTH finisher, which ends with a knee to the head. The feeling was that if there was concern about a concussion that he should have ended it right away, and also not done the GTH. There was another version of the story that defended Guevara stating it was a miscommunication between the parties," - WON.

RVD shares his thoughts on Sammy Guevara's botch against Jeff Hardy on AEW Rampage

WWE Hall of Famer RVD, who has been making appearances for the Jacksonville-based promotion recently, commented on Sammy Guevara injuring Jeff Hardy during their match at AEW Rampage. Speaking on his 1 Of A Kind podcast, Rob Van Dam blamed Guevara for botching the Shooting Star Press:

"That's why they call it a high-risk move. I'm not throwing shade on anybody because accidents happen. God knows I've potatoed people in my matches but that's on Sammy, completely. That's a high-risk move. When you f*** it up, it's on you," Rob Van Dam said. [H/T WrestlingINC]

This is not the first time Sammy Guevara has found himself in trouble in AEW. It will be interesting to see if Guevara gets punished in some way upon his return to Television.

Do you think Sammy Guevara should be blamed for the botch? Sound off in the comments section below.

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