The Elite issues official statement about BTE (Being The Elite) future amid their reported AEW suspension

The Elite have postponed their YouTube show
The Elite have postponed their YouTube show

An update on AEW stars Kenny Omega and The Young Bucks' YouTube show, Being The Elite, was recently given on their Twitter handle.

The alleged backstage brawl between CM Punk and the EVPs has generated a lot of buzz in the pro-wrestling world. In pursuit of getting to the bottom of the matter, an investigation has apparently been launched. Meanwhile, The Second City Saint and The Elite have reportedly been suspended from the promotion.

The Young Bucks and Omega are known to post blooper videos every week related to AEW. The Being the Elite episode also generally features small skits by other All Elite stars and backstage interactions. However, this week's BTE was announced to be postponed.

The official Twitter handle of the show also stated that it is on hiatus until further notice.

"No #BeingTheElite this week. On hiatus until further notice."

You can check out the original tweet here:

No #BeingTheElite this week. On hiatus until further notice.

As of now, there has been no further comment by the Bucks on the matter. Fans will have to stay tuned to see when the show will be up again.

The Young Bucks may potentially leave AEW for WWE in the future

According to recent reports, Matt and Nick Jackson have been showing interest in WWE lately.

Fightful Select recently claimed that this has been a circulating rumor among their sources for months. According to a source, The Young Bucks requested to speak with WWE management. Although unsubstantiated, the rumor has circulated for weeks.

Multiple other sources have also indicated that the former AEW Tag Team Champions may be considering a future at WWE should they become free agents.

What we've heard about rumors of Young Bucks sending feelers to WWE, and some reactions within the company.Now on for subscribers.

It remains to be seen how Tony Khan will handle The Young Bucks potentially leaving All Elite Wrestling.

The Elite were stripped of their Trios Titles following the backstage brawl. CM Punk also vacated his world title after the alleged suspension. He also suffered a torn tricep during his match against Jon Moxley and could be sidelined for eight months.

Do you think The Young Bucks will join WWE in the future? Sound off in the comments below!

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