Triple H's opinion on CM Punk has surprisingly changed amid WWE return rumors - Reports

Will the two men work with each other again?
Will the two men work with each other again?

Another intriguing backstage tidbit has emerged regarding WWE CCO Triple H's latest stance on CM Punk.

Lately, there has been massive speculation about The Straight Edge Superstar possibly returning to WWE after eight years. The hearsays come on the heels of reports that Tony Khan is looking to buy out the remainder of Punk's contract. Interestingly, a hold-up over the non-compete clause has foiled AEW from releasing him.

This has fueled rumors of the Chicago native's potential switch to his previous stomping grounds. Fightful even learned that Triple H would be open to doing business with CM Punk under the right circumstances.

But somebody close to The Game's decision-making has opposed the idea of bringing the controversial star back. Speaking to GiveMeSport, WrestleVotes said sources close to them were told that Hunter 'wanted to do nothing with CM Punk' as of July this year:

“I was told, I mean, pretty straightforward, that Triple H wants nothing to do with CM Punk, and even less to do with Phil Brooks. Well, that’s what I was told and that was July."

But surprisingly, Triple H's impression of The Second City Saint has changed, and their hostility has softened a little bit recently:

“I did ask over the last couple of days, and it has softened a little bit from what I understand. I still think there’s animosity, I still think there’s a lot of pieces that need to be picked up between the two of them specifically.... So to say that doors closed is ridiculous on anybody’s part, especially in this ‘war’ that’s happening right now… I would say never say never. Absolutely."

Booker T has shot down the idea of seeing CM Punk in WWE again

The Hall of Famer, who has previously criticized CM Punk over his infamous tirade at the AEW media scrum, addressed whether the allegedly suspended AEW star would return to WWE.

The veteran believes that Punk is firm on his decision not to work with the sports entertainment juggernaut after the two sides parted ways on a sour note in 2014:

"There's always a chance," Booker said. "But I don't think it's a big chance ... that we see CM Punk back in WWE. I don't think CM Punk wants to go back to WWE. CM Punk has made it perfectly clear ever since he's shown up in AEW, what he feels and what he thinks about WWE and everything in it." [H/T WrestlingInc]
#CMPunk is unlikely to wrestle again in #AEW.

Punk and HHH have hated each other's guts since back in the day, but the two parties will need to bury the hatchet if they want to work together again.

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