Sami Zayn could be in "cahoots" with the Bloodline member to turn on Roman Reigns; WWE legend says 

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The storyline involving Sami Zayn, Roman Reigns, and the rest of The Bloodline has been growing week after week. WWE Hall of Famer Mark Henry believes that the former Intercontinental Champion might be plotting to turn on the Tribal Chief with the help of Paul Heyman.

For weeks, Sami Zayn was trying to become a part of The Bloodline. He slowly gained the trust of every member. From Jimmy Uso to Roman Reigns, all believed in Zayn except for Jey Uso. Finally, Mr. Main Event also believed in the Honorary Uce after his War Games performance.

The Tribal Chief is currently set to wrestle Kevin Owens at the Royal Rumble premium live event. Given his relationship with Sami Zayn, there is some doubt among the members of The Bloodline if they can trust the Honorary Uce.

During the latest episode of the Busted Open Radio podcast, Hosts Denise Salcedo and WWE Hall of Famer Mark Henry discussed the possibility of Sami Zayn and Paul Heyman being in cahoots to dethrone Roman Reigns. Henry mentioned that the former Intercontinental Champion has been one of the best acts on television and he could be the next big guy to be the face of the company.

“I look at it like Paul Heyman has attached his wagon to the ‘Next Guy’ for the last 20 years. You can go from (CM) Punk to right now to him with Roman, and Brock Lesnars and everybody that came in-between. And Sami is right now the closest guy to emotionally being able to captivate the business," Mark Henry said. [13:40 - 14:15]

The Hall of Famer followed on by mentioning that Zayn was the one guy that saved WWE during the pandemic era.

"Just like he did during Covid, Sami was the savior of WWE. He was the best promo in WWE at that time and he was the guy that was making you tune in and see every week, ‘what is he going to say and do next?’ Sami can do it, he’s proved it. So, why not? I’m all for it. Sign me up!” [14:16 - 14:43]
Could Paul Heyman and Sami Zayn be in cahoots? 👀Listen to @_denisesalcedo and @TheMarkHenry discuss the potential relationship between Paul and Sami⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️

Roman Reigns and The Bloodline to hold a 'Tribal Court' for Sami Zayn at WWE RAW 30

Last week on SmackDown, Kevin Owens and The Tribal Chief were set to sign the contract for their match at The Royal Rumble. As Roman Reigns made his entrance, Owens rushed in from behind and attacked the Undisputed Champion. Owens single-handedly took out the entire Bloodline. Sami Zayn though did not rush in to help, and rather stayed behind and watched as Owens escaped through the crowd.

This was not well-received by Roman Reigns and the rest of his faction and thus they are set to take the matter to the 'Tribal Court' this Monday on RAW.

Last Monday, The Usos mentioned that all the members of The Bloodline will be present for the 30th Anniversary, thus we could see every family member present at the court to hear Zayn's plea.

Where do you think The Honorary Uce's loyalty lies? Let us know in the comments section below.

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