Huge speculation on former Universal Champion using AEW as leverage to get better WWE deal 

Tony Khan has been consistent in bolstering his roster options.

Since its emergence in 2019, AEW has served as the primary competitor for professional wrestling powerhouse WWE. Its inception has provided an alternative for wrestlers as well as fans. An alternative that Dave Meltzer feels Seth Rollins should take full advantage of when his current WWE deal expires.

The Visionary has cemented himself as one of the company's premier talents with several WWE World, Universal, Intercontinental, United States, and Tag title reigns to his credit. As a result, he remains an essential aspect of weekly WWE programming. Further to that point, if he were to enter free agency at the end of his current deal, then he would surely attract interest from AEW.

Prominent journalist Dave Meltzer spoke about that scenario during the latest Wrestling Observer Radio. He expressed that he would not only fit the billing as a marquee AEW signing but that Rollins should actively take advantage of that fact to bolster his new deal.

"The guy whose contract, and I don't know what the date is, it's not this year but the guy I see...Seth Rollins, not that he necessarily has an interest right now or anything like this. But money talks. He's a guy when his deal's up, even if he doesn't want to go, I would absolutely negotiate with both sides because in AEW he would be over like crazy. Just for jumping," Dave Meltzer said. [From 1:37:55 to 1:38:20]

Rollins actually wrestled for ROH, which is currently under AEW CEO Tony Khan's umbrella. As Tyler Black, he held the Ring of Honor world title until his eventual WWE signing in 2010.

Triple H is expected to go hard for AEW talent as they approach contract expiry

Dave Meltzer also expressed his belief during WOR that the Triple H-led WWE will "go hard" for top names approaching the end of their current deals.

The belief is that Tony Khan will have a challenging year as he looks to make his company attractive to both potential new and existing signings.

"It’s gonna be a real interesting year for Tony [Khan] because a lot of key deals are gonna be up this year, and WWE’s gonna go hard for almost everyone good and also there’s gonna be WWE deals up as well," Dave Meltzer said.

Kenny Omega and The Young Bucks are prime examples of talents with expirations on the horizon. Omega is said to have added nine months of injury time to his contract, which would have expired earlier this year.

The Young Bucks had a one-year optional extension activated on their contract, which now expires in 2024.

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