The Good Brothers must kick AJ Styles out of The O.C. if 22-year wrestling veteran joins WWE 

The Good Brothers (left), AJ Styles (right)
The Good Brothers (left), AJ Styles (right)

While AJ Styles seems like an integral part of the O.C., the debut of a certain veteran star in WWE might be the catalyst for the Good Brothers to kick him out in favor of the debutant.

The star in question is none other than Kenny Omega. He has history with all the members of the O.C., having worked alongside them on many occasions as part of the Bullet Club. Omega and AJ Styles also faced each other once way back in 2006. Furthermore, he had storylines involving Karl Anderson during their shared time in NJPW.

Given that the O.C.'s feud with The Judgment Day has seemingly ended, the faction needs a fresh angle. It is not far-fetched to say that Kenny Omega may join WWE sometime in the future since the company has reportedly shown interest in him. A feud with a betrayed AJ Styles could be a compelling storyline, similar to when Omega kicked Styles out of the Bullet Club.

AJ Styles vs. Kenny Omega. Yes, it happened, ONCE.Unfortunately, besides the picture below, the full match isn't available, and it is considered one of wrestling's biggest pieces of lost media. (2006, PCW)

Kenny Omega has previously commented on his match against AJ Styles

While The Cleaner and The Phenomenal One have teamed up a number of times, there is seemingly only one instance of them going up against each other.

Few details are known about the bout since it happened in 2006 in Winnipeg, Canada. However, Omega spoke highly about the match in a video posted by Dr. Beau Hightower.

"I had this great match with AJ and at the time I thought like 'Wow AJ is the top guy in TNA and If I'm kind of holding my own with a guy that’s that good, then maybe I should give wrestling more of an honest effort now that there’s actually an option again.' Like it’s not WWE or nothing. Like Japan’s business was booming, TNA was also somewhat of an option. So I thought maybe I should give it one more try." said Kenny Omega.

As of now, it remains to be seen what the future holds for Kenny Omega.

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