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The Power of the Pin: Why Kenny Omega could be the most 'Impactful' wrestler of 2021

AEW World Heavyweight Champion Kenny Omega will team with his former Bullet Club brethren when he appears at Impact Wrestling
AEW World Heavyweight Champion Kenny Omega will team with his former Bullet Club brethren when he appears at Impact Wrestling's 'Hard to Kill' pay-per-view on January 16th
Ryan K Boman
Modified 05 Jan 2021, 00:13 IST

Pro wrestling fans often talk about dream scenarios and speculate about matchups that are most likely not going to happen. They love to discuss what it would be like if two companies could stage a promotional "war."

Now? There's the potential to have one. And it's possibly the most intriguing story in the grappling game today.

With AEW World Champion Kenny Omega set to appear at IMPACT Wrestling's Hard to Kill pay-per-view later this month, speculation has been running rampant by fans of both companies.

While the two titleholders will initially square off in a six-man match — with the Good Brothers partnering with Omega and the Motor City Machine guns tagging with IMPACT World Champion Rich Swann — there are certainly plenty of questions. What will happen when the two World Champions inevitably come face to face in the ring? Will there be more to come, or is this just a one-off?

There's been speculation that this could be leading down the road to a champion vs. champion battle, one that pits The Cleaner vs The Dancin' Man in the ultimate battle for supremacy.

AEW has certainly been making their presence felt in IMPACT recently, with even owner Tony Khan "buying on-air time" and cutting some somewhat heelish promos on the Anthem-owned promotion.

While we can never be sure exactly where this is all headed, it's a possibility now that the two companies are forming at least a loose partnership. If that happens, then it's pretty clear: Kenny Omega should take the IMPACT title and become a double champion.

The idea of Kenny Omega defeating Rich Swann for the IMPACT World title and being the face of two of North America's largest companies at the same time is intriguing.

Imagine seeing Kenny Omega appearing on both shows, perhaps defending one title on Tuesdays, and the other the next night on Wednesday.


Kenny Omega could become the centerpiece of the pro wrestling world.

For several years now, Kenny Omega has been considered one of the top performers in the industry, mostly from his years spent in Japan. But now, the former IWGP Champion has a chance to do something that's never really been done before on American soil. It would shine a big light on both Kenny Omega's home promotion and the one he's currently visiting. And, it would draw a lot of crossover fans, as many AEW viewers would start tuning in to IMPACT, and vice versa.

If anyone can do it, It's Kenny Omega, because of his athleticism and work rate. Already popular among many younger fans, an angle like this would also help propel him to the next level, in terms of stardom.

The idea that Kenny Omega could become an enigma, someone who could pop up on either show at any time, would be fascinating. And with Don Callis serving as his mouthpiece, it would make for some pretty entertaining television. Especially considering Callis' role as IMPACT executive vice president.

Omega's long-time relationship with Don Callis has helped facilitate his appearance in Impact, and have led to some intriguing promos, as well

Will it happen? No one can be sure. But the pieces are in place for Kenny Omega to step in to a whole new universe by capturing another company's championship, even if it's just for a few months. Though he's been considered the best wrestler in the world in years past, he's never had the chance to do something like this on primetime, cable television. No one has.

Now is that time, if the two companies can continue to co-exist.

If IMPACT and AEW pull the V-Trigger, fire the bullet, it could make Kenny Omega the "Alpha" of the pro wrestling industry in 2021.

Published 05 Jan 2021, 00:13 IST
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