"Does that mean you are back with WWE?" - Twitter erupts with wild predictions about top AEW star leaving to return under Triple H's regime following a cryptic post

Triple H is the Chief Content Officer of WWE
Triple H is the Chief Content Officer of WWE

Wrestling fans have reacted to AEW's Andrade El Idolo's cryptic message on Twitter following rumors of Triple H reaching out to him for a return.

There have been reports suggesting WWE contacted a few of their competition's stars regarding signing them back with the Stamford-based promotion. A user on Twitter recently mentioned a few stars who were possibly contacted by WWE for a return to the company. The Wrestling Observer's Ryan Frederick "very possibly" to Andrade's name in the post.

Andrade took to Twitter today to post an "hourglass" emoji. Wrestling fans quickly took note of the star's tweet and reached the conclusion that he is all set to jump ship. Here are some of the best reactions.

A user feels Andrade's former manager Zelina Vega is AEW bound.

@AndradeElIdolo Vega to AEW confirmed ?? Let’s gooo

That's an interesting prediction.

@AndradeElIdolo He’s facing Drew at Extreme Rules.

The tweets continued to flow in.

@AndradeElIdolo White Rabbit confirmed

One user feels Tony Khan should have treated Andrade better.

@AndradeElIdolo I feel like out of all the ex-WWE guys AEW signed, Andrade got the worst treatment. At least on Main Roster WWE he actually won a title and appeared (sort of) weekly defending it. True he was then stuck in purgatory with Angel Garza fighting the Street Profits, but at least he…

That's a question we all have.


People really want Andrade back in WWE.

A user tried to figure out what Andrade was trying to say.

@AndradeElIdolo Counting down to when your contract is up?

People have already reached their conclusion.

@AndradeElIdolo @slate_s42 Can’t wait till your wwe return

This user feels Andrade deserves a world championship run.

@AndradeElIdolo When the timer runs out, does that mean you are back with WWE? You should have been WWE Champion by now! 👍

Hangman Page vs Andrade El Idolo. What do you guys think?

@AndradeElIdolo If Aew doesn't give me Ha*gman Adam page vs You at the next ppv,, then I'd looove to see u back to the E

There was an exception.

@AndradeElIdolo My man tweeted a single emoji and people are jumping to every conclusion. 😭

Finally, the most hilarious one.

@AndradeElIdolo Charlotte to AEW confirmed 👀😂😂

Booker T urges AEW star Andrade El Idolo to return to WWE

WWE fans are not the only ones who would love to see Andrade El Idolo back in their promotion. Former world heavyweight champion Booker T has a similar opinion.

Speaking on the topic on The Hall of Fame podcast, the wrestling legend opined that the 32-year-old is not doing anything notewrothy in the Jacksonville-based promotion.

"I'd love to see Wardlow, as well as Andrade, come back to WWE because he's not doing anything significant in AEW — not saying that he's not going out and performing," Booker T said. "He's performing, but you think about Andrade in WWE, and he had some star on him. He had some upside, but I don't know. I could be wrong about this; I could be wrong,"
1 year ago today:In a match that was originally set for All Out, Andrade El Idolo defeated Pac on Rampage! This was the first time they ever faced each other.#AEW @AndradeElIdolo @BASTARDPAC

The mexican wrestler was signed to WWE from 2015 to 2021. After parting ways with the Stamford-based promotion, he joined AEW the same year. Do you want to see him reunite with Triple H? Sound off in the comments section below!

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