Potential Updates on Thunder Rosa's AEW in-ring status, Backstage Heat, and Nixed All Out plans

Thunder Rosa has reportedly had significant heat in the AEW locker room
Thunder Rosa has reportedly had significant heat in the AEW locker room

Last night's edition of AEW Dynamite set the internet and social media ablaze for multiple reasons. Thunder Rosa's relinquishing of the AEW Women's Championship and reports of her intense backstage heat with fellow wrestlers was among the most notable.

Thunder Rosa shockingly relinquished her AEW Women's Championship on Dynamite. She stated that due to injury, she would not be cleared to compete and defend her championship at the All Out pay-per-view. This resulted in the company booking a 4-way bout to determine a new Interim Women's Champion.

Now, in a new Fightful Select report, we are getting more insight into Thunder Rosa's backstage issues, her injury, and the plans that AEW had for their next big event.

BREAKING NEWS: #AEW Women's World Champion Thunder Rosa announces that she is injured and cannot defend the championship.Tune in NOW to #AEWDynamite LIVE on TBS

The report confirms that Thunder Rosa will not be competing at All Out, with the exact diagnosis of her injury still unknown. Speculation has led some to believe that it's related to "bulging discs", but that hasn't been confirmed. However, Fightful is reporting that the injury situation is not kayfabe.

The report also outlined Rosa's growing heat with wrestlers backstage, with some sources claiming that they "perceive[d] her as developing an ego and being difficult to work with". However, the outlet did say that they spoke to others who see her as a "leader" and someone who worked hard to get "young women's talent booked".

Things get physical between #AEW Interim Women's World Championship challengers Toni Storm, Jamie Hayter and Hikaru Shida, after Dr. Britt Baker's victory tonight, on #AEWDynamite LIVE on TBS!

The report also spoke about the company's plans for All Out, prior to Rosa's injury announcement. Stating that former WWE Superstar Toni Storm was set to win the AEW Women's Championship. She will now have to compete in a 4-way match to decide the interim champion, featuring Dr. Britt Baker DMD, Jamie Hayter, and Hikaru Shida.

In regards to Thunder Rosa's backstage heat, Fightful Select did confirm previous reports regarding her heat with fellow wrestler Dr. Britt Baker. With the report saying that the two have grown disdain for one another, however they are willing to work together for the sake of professionalism.

Thunder Rosa's reported issues with AEW stars Dr. Britt Baker and Jamie Hayter

Previous reports have revealed that Thunder Rosa has had significant issues with other AEW wrestlers; especially former champion Dr. Britt Baker DMD and Jamie Hayter.

Details revealed that things escalated following a match between Rosa and Hayter, where the 36-year old star broke Jamie Hayter’s nose in a match. Thunder Rosa was then said to be so scared that Hayter would physically assault her backstage that she was "hiding in a bathroom" after the match.

"There are way more onscreen feuds where the people legitimately hate each other than people think in AEW. Britt Baker and Thunder Rosa cannot stand one another. They have been mortal enemies for years now at this point. They can’t look each other in the eye. They hate each other’s guts. Jamie Hayter now cannot stand Thunder Rosa. Thunder Rosa broke Jamie Hayter’s nose in a match, then Thunder Rosa was scared that Jamie Hayter was going to beat the living sh*t out of her and was hiding in a bathroom. Things are ugly in the back." (H/T: WhatCulture)"

At this time, there is no timetable for Thunder Rosa's return to AEW. One could assume, however, that regardless of her return date, she will most likely square off against whoever wins the Interim championship at All Out.

Who do you think will win the Interim title? What are your thoughts on the report above? Let us know your thoughts and predictions in the comment section below?

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