When will AEW finally unleash Brian Cage?

Brian Cage is one of the most talented performers AEW has, and should be part of the main event scene
Brian Cage is one of the most talented performers AEW has, and should be part of the main event scene

When Brian Cage signed with All Elite Wrestling in early 2020, it almost seemed like destiny. Most observers assumed he would immediately become one of the faces of the fledgeling promotion.

Cage, one of the most sought-after free agents and a terrific athlete, has all the hallmarks of a superstar. Built like a granite statue but with a bag of tricks full of moves, he was on everyone's radar. He was the type of performer you could watch just once and immediately realize he was truly something special

After a highly successful run with IMPACT Wrestling, Brian Cage decided to test the waters of free agency, only for AEW to come calling. It only made sense; Tony Khan was committed to building his company around up-and-coming young superstars, and he fit that description perfectly.

After all, there aren't many guys that look like him who can do the things that he does in the ring. Unfortunately, Cage hasn't reached the top of the card yet in AEW. Which is where he should be.

Lately... he's been mired in a feud with his former faction, Team Taz.

After his explosive relationship with an already fiery faction blew up, Cage has been mired in a rivalry with his former teammates. He now has a score to settle. Which is understandable and part of the arc of his time in AEW.

But when that is all said and done? Mr. GMSI needs to be looked at as someone who can step up and be a serious contender for the AEW World Heavyweight title.

If given the right opportunity to work with names like CM Punk, Daniel Bryan and others, we might finally get to see the best out of Brian Cage. He's been an untapped keg of potential for years now, and it would be a shame if he had to wait much longer to show off his eye-popping set of skills and be involved in rather lack-lustre feuds in the mid-card.

Brian Cage shouldn't be a 'forgotten face' in All Elite Wrestling.

While the top of the card is stacked with names like Jericho, Moxley, Punk, Omega and others, there's no reason why a wrestler of Brian Cage's talent can't edge his way in with them. If booked properly and given the right push? Someone of his caliber could be a perfect addition to that mix.

Brian Cage has long been called a future 'franchise player'. But the closest he's ever gotten to that brass ring was his short time as IMPACT World Champion. His brightest futures lie on the horizon.

Let's hope that AEW realizes that and doesn't make the mistake of wasting his best years by having him mire at the mid-card level.

What do you think of Brian Cage as a future World Champion for All Elite Wrestling? Sound off in the comments section below.

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