Among Us: Ultimate Task Guide, an in depth look at all tasks in the game

(Image Credit: Innersloth)
(Image Credit: Innersloth)

Among Us features a crew of small spacefarers performing maintenance on one of three locations as a small cohort of imposters attempt to murder them. However, the tasks in Among Us are often important to know whether you’re playing as crew or imposter, if only so you can communicate better. Let’s take a look at all the tasks in Among Us.

Types of tasks in Among Us

Tasks in Among Us are split into three categories, Short Tasks, Long Tasks, and Common Tasks. In addition to this, some tasks are considered Visual Tasks, but this is only important if you play with visual tasks on.

In general, Short Tasks tend to be quick tasks that you can complete in one stop, while Long Tasks either require multiple stops or a lengthy commitment, but this is not always true. Some tasks are considered “Long” on some maps and “Short” on others despite having no changes, so you can’t always rely on type to determine how long it will take.

Common tasks are unique in that they get assigned to the crew as a whole, meaning that either everyone has them or no one does. This is important to pay attention to in Among Us as an imposter faking a common task that no one has is a dead giveaway, and likewise ignoring a task that everyone has is somewhat suspicious.

Additionally, some of these tasks have been altered in the Beta version of Among Us.

Common Tasks in Among Us

Common Tasks are arguably the most important to know about in Among Us, and also happen to be the easiest category to talk about, making this a natural place to start. Tasks are arranged on the task bar in the same order every game, Common Tasks, Long Tasks, then Short Tasks.

If you have two Common Tasks, then the top two tasks will be the Common Tasks, whereas if you have none then the top task will be a Long Task. The list of common tasks with notes about them are listed below:

  • Fix Wiring (All Maps)
  • The Fix Wiring task in Among Us has an updated appearance in the Beta version of the game which should make it easier for colorblind players to complete.
  • Swipe Card (The Skeld, Polus)
  • The Swipe Card task seems to require that you move the card smoothly and at a specific speed (not too slow or too fast).
  • Enter ID Code (MIRA HQ)
  • Insert Keys (Polus)
  • Which keyhole each player is assigned is based on the order in which they entered the lobby
  • Scan Boarding Pass (Polus)

Among Us tasks on Multiple Maps

Some tasks can be found on more than one map. While these are usually the exact same tasks in a different location, there are occasionally differences between each map’s version of the same task. The list of Among Us tasks, with their notes, can be found below:

  • Chart Course, Short (All Maps)
  • On Polus, this task is right at the start, allowing you to complete it in front of the crew and advance the task bar, confirming your innocence.
  • Clean O2 Filter, Short (The Skeld, MIRA HQ)
  • Clear Asteroids, Visual* Long/Short (All Maps)
  • This is a visual task on The Skeld and Polus. It’s considered a Long Task on The Skeld and MIRA HQ and a Short Task on Polus.
  • Divert Power, Short (The Skeld, MIRA HQ)
  • This task is a 2-part task, the first location is fixed, the second is random.
  • Download and Upload Data, Long (The Skeld, Polus)
  • The first location is random, the second location is fixed
  • Both halves take 8.7 seconds.
  • Empty Garbage/Empty Chute, Visual* Short/Long (All Maps)
  • On The Skeld this is a Long Visual Task with two parts, while in Polus and MIRA HQ it’s a one part short non-visual task.
  • Fuel Engines, Long/Short (All Maps)
  • This is a Long Task on The Skeld and Polus, and a Short Task on MIRA HQ
  • Inspect Sample, Long (The Skeld, Polus)
  • You don’t have to wait for this task. Once you start it, you can leave and come back.
  • Start Reactor, Long (All Maps)
  • Colloquially referred to as Simon Says, this task is one of the longest in the game.
  • Submit Scan, Visual Long/Short (All Maps)
  • This is always a visual task, it is considered Long on The Skeld and MIRA HQ, and Short on Polus.
  • With visual tasks turned off, players can still observe a scan if they have the task as well, as only one player may be scanned at a time.
  • Takes 10 seconds to complete a scan.
  • The Beta version caps the number of players who can get a scan task in a game.
  • Unlock Manifolds, Short (All Maps)
  • You have to press the numbers in numeric order.

You’ll want to get used to these tasks first as you’ll encounter them most often in Among Us.

Among Us Tasks on The Skeld

The Skeld has a few tasks unique to its location, most of which have to do with maintaining the ship as it’s flying through space. As The Skeld is one of the most popular maps in Among Us, you’ll want to be sure to know what’s in store for you here.

  • Align Engine Output, Short
  • You always align the top engine first, and the bottom engine second.
  • Calibrate Distributor, Short
  • Click the corresponding button on the left when the spinning node connects with the wiring.
  • Failure resets the entire task
  • Stabilize Steering, Short

Among Us Tasks on Polus

Polus is a large map with a fairly unique selection of tasks in Among Us. Most of its tasks have to do with gathering data and running tests in its laboratory, or maintaining the operation of the Polus colony.

  • Align Telescope, Short
  • You must match a given image with a matching celestial body.
  • The telescope will beep when you get near.
  • The layout of the objects in space is fixed.
  • Fill Canisters, Short
  • Drag the tank to the middle, click on it when it’s full
  • Fix Weather Nodes, Short
  • Monitor Tree, Short
  • Open Waterways, Long
  • Reboot Wifi, Long
  • You can leave this task after starting it and return to complete it later
  • Record Temperature, Short
  • You can not overshoot the temperature, just hold down the button
  • Repair Drill, Short
  • Replace Water Jug, Long
  • Store Artifacts, Short

Among Us Tasks on MIRA HQ

MIRA HQ is one of the hardest Among Us maps for the crew as the map lacks cameras and has fully interconnected vents. Fortunately, MIRA HQ’s tasks tend to be fairly close together, although there are exceptions.

  • Assemble Artifact, Short
  • Buy Beverage, Short
  • You must match the beverage you buy with the image beneath the number pad.
  • Measure Weather, Short
  • Always takes 6 seconds to finish.
  • Process Data, Short
  • Takes 12 seconds to complete.
  • Run Diagnostics, Short
  • You can start the task and walk away to complete it later.
  • Sort Samples, Short
  • The categories are Animal, Plant, Mineral.
  • Plant fossils go on the bottom right.
  • Gems go on the bottom left.
  • Bones go on the top.
  • Water Plants, Long
  • The exact location of the watering can in the utility closet is randomized.

Task Notes in Among Us

Given the sheer quantity of tasks in Among Us it's important to identify which ones are the most valuable. If you play Among Us with visual tasks on, then you'll want to coordinate with the crew to use them to confirm innocence, but if you play with this feature off then you'll only be able to do this with the scan task.

As imposter, you'll want to focus on disrupting the scan coordination, especially if it seems like a lot of people are going there to coordinate.

Other important tasks to make note of in Among Us include all common tasks, and any task which leaves you vulnerable for a long period of time. Having the Download task in Electrical on The Skeld is notorious for resulting in an easy vent kill.

Polus also has the Specimen Room, which is a lengthy corridor with no escape for crew or imposter alike. If you have tasks which take you there, you'll have to look out for being removed from the rest of the map for an extended period of time.

MIRA HQ has a similar feature with its reactor room requiring a lengthy decontamination to access, however its vents connect to the rest of the map, making it play slightly differently.

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