Socksfor1 shows off new Jester Mod in Among Us

Among Us continues to rule in 2021 (Image via Innersloth)
Among Us continues to rule in 2021 (Image via Innersloth)
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Nicholas “Socksfor1” has been one of the most interesting Among Us content creators. He often plays modded games and produces unique content that doesn’t get recreated by others, including streamers or YouTubers.

The Jester Mod in Among Us shakes the game up by creating the new neutral role of Jester, whose goal is to get voted out by the other Crewmates.

This simple change shifts the game rather dramatically, as now, Crewmates need to be cautious of players that behave a little too suspiciously.


Jesters are a perfect fit for larger games of Among Us

Perhaps the most essential part of this Among Us mod is that Socksfor1 plays it on a modded server that allows for games to have up to 20 players. By having more than the game’s original limit, gamers can play more complex games without having to worry about Imposters merely running away with the game.

Anyone hoping to play or create their own Jester Mod in Among Us should find out how to increase the player cap.

This will be even more important given the effect Jesters have on Among Us. They are often encouraged to act like a third Imposter, making it even harder to identify the pair of Imposters lurking among the Crewmates.

This added level of uncertainty gives players a lot more choice and risk in their game. For example, Imposters may want to keep the Jester alive to make it harder for Crewmates to tell them apart, but may need to kill him/her if it looks like the Crewmates will vote him/her out.

This is because it that would cause everyone else to lose. Crewmates will also have to second guess their votes, as voting of the Jester would cause them to lose.

Jesters allow new Among Us strategies to develop

One of the most fun parts of Among Us is seeing how playgroup strategies develop over time. Early on, Crewmates might rely on stumbling onto a killer in the act, or completing tasks, while Impostors might get away with kills that they couldn’t later.

Over time, Crewmates will eventually organize, and Impostors will have to get more creative.

Jesters would allow for more in-depth strategies and mind games to become a core part of Among Us. For example, it might be beneficial for an Impostor to admit to being one if they believe the crew is about to vote for a Jester. Likewise, admitting to being an Impostor could also make that player sound like the Jester and protect him/her in the long run.

This single role would go a long way towards making Among Us more about mind games, tricks, and reading the other players than any other single change could.

For now, the Jester role is limited to mods, but if Innersloth sees the potential this has for its game, it could possibly get added in-game at a later date.

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