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Ever since the closure of WCW, the world of professional wrestling had been monopolized by WWE as the clear industry leader. Many believe that All Elite Wrestling will be the first promotion since then that could potentially be a threat to WWE’s position at the very top of the professional wrestling world. From the day AEW has announced its debut, the wrestling world has always been filled with different kind of AEW news and AEW rumor which has just covered the WWE.

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AEW: All Elite Wrestling

All Elite Wrestling is a promotion that was announced on the 1 st of January 2019 during an episode of Being The Elite. AEW Wrestling will be owned by Pakistani American entrepreneur Shahid Khan and his son, Tony Khan, both of whom are also affiliated with a variety of other sporting ventures, namely Fulham F.C., a football club that plays in the English Premier League and the Jacksonville Jaguars, an American football team that participates in the National Football League (NFL). Tony Khan and his father, Shahid Khan will be backing All Elite Wrestling with an initial investment of $100 million. Tony Khan has been a lifelong professional wrestling fan.

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AEW Team

Tony Khan is the president, CEO, General Manager, and head of creative of All Elite Wrestling. Besides Khan, various founding stars have assumed creative roles in the promotion. Upon the company's debut in 2019, Cody Rhodes, Kenny Omega, and Young Bucks were announced as the Executive Vice Presidents of the company.

However, Cody Rhodes left the company in early 2022 and left his post as the EVP. The rest superstars and Tony Khan continue to assume their leadership roles. Additionally, Megha Parekh serves as the Chief Legal counselor for the company.

AEW Roster

AEW Roster is widely regarded as one of the best rosters in pro wrestling today. From Chris Jericho and Jon Moxley to Kenny Omega and CM Punk, various high-profile superstars are currently associated with All Elite Wrestling and the roster has been ever-expanding. Some other notable stars on the roster include Bryan Danielson, Hangman Page, Adam Cole, Keith Lee, Samoa Joe, Eddie Kingston, pro-wrestling icon Sting, and many more legends.

The roster also includes some of the best young stars such as Wheeler Yuta, Orange Cassidy, Jungle Boy, MJF, Ricky Starks, Daniel Garcia and many more. AEW is also considered to have one of the best tag-team division in world including Young Bucks, Hardy Bros, and many more talented tag teams.

WWE legend Billy Gunn will be working as a producer for All Elite Wrestling and Chris Harrington will be the head of business development. This page will be updated as and when more signings happen to AEW Wrestling. You can click here to know the complete list of AEW roster.

AEW Foundation

Responding to a comment made by Dave Meltzer, senior professional wrestling/mixed martial arts journalist from the Wrestling Observer, former WWE superstar Cody Rhodes and independent wrestling megastars, The Young Bucks, decided to put together an event in North America that would potentially draw 10000 fans. This is a feat that had not been achieved by any promotion except for the WWE and WCW since 1993. This event was known as All In, and it sold out in a mere 30 minutes. The actual event was a huge success as well, with fans in attendance raving about how good it was. Some of the superstars that competed at All In included Kenny Omega, Pentagon Jr., Kazuchika Okada, Marty Scurll, Fenix, Tessa Blanchard, and Chelsea Green, among others. This was the stepping stone that would, in time, lead to the formation of All Elite Wrestling (AEW).

AEW Champions

All Elite Wrestling has a total of five championships for men and two for women. You can know more about the current champions of AEW by clicking here.

Championship NameCurrent Champion
AEW World ChampionshipJon Moxley
AEW TNT ChampionshipWardlow
AEW All-Atlantic ChampionshipPAC
FTW ChampionshipHook
AEW World Tag Team ChampionshipThe Acclaimed
AEW Women's ChampionshipThunder Rosa
Interim AEW Women's ChampionshipToni Storm
AEW TBS ChampionshipJade Cargill
AEW World Trios ChampionshipThe Death Triangle


Q. What is AEW net worth?

AEW is owned by Sahid khan, whose net worth is $6.7 billion, making him one of richest man of USA.

Q. What does AEW stand for?

AEW stands for ALL ELITE WRESTLING. It is a wrestling promotional banner which is owned by Tony Khan and Shahid Khan. AEW has four PPV events.

Q. Who is the owner of AEW?

AEW is owned by the Khan family - billionaire Shahid Khan, and his son, Tony. Shahid Khan is a self-made billionaire who owns several high-profile sports team all around the world - from the English football team Fulham, who recently played in the Premier League, to NFL team Jacksonville Jaguars, and now All Elite Wrestling.

Q. How much is Tony Khan worth?

As per reports available online, Tony Khan has a net worth of approximately 7 billion USD

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