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Booker T is a WWE Hall of Famer.

"Just go home" - Booker T blasts retired former WWE Superstar for teasing signing with AEW

A former WWE Superstar recently hinted at coming out of retirement and signing with AEW. Booker T has shared his thoughts on the situation and would prefer that the star in question stay out of the squared circle.

Ryback wrestled for WWE from 2004 until 2016. Thereafter, he had a brief spell on the independent circuit before retiring in 2018. The former Intercontinental Champion recently revealed his intention to return to the ring this summer once he is medically cleared, and even teased signing with AEW.


Speaking on his Hall of Fame podcast, Booker T seemed less than enthusiastic at the possibility of The Big Guy stepping back between the ropes:

"I have been hearing a lot of news, kind of like little chirps. I wouldn’t say news. Just chirps about Ryback man. Ryback is trying to, you know, throw his name out there. I saw you posted a photo with you know like a silhouette of him in the background with the [AEW logo] over it. [...] So it seemed like he tried in the lobby to get back in this business, and you think Ryback ever get back in man? Do you think the fans want to see Ryback? So what? So why would he get back here? Well, he might take a chance on it. I just wonder. Well, then it just went away. Any independent shows or anything like that?" (H/T Ringside News)
Ryback seems to be teasing signing with AEW.

A major reason why the WWE Hall of Famer does not want to see Ryback wrestle again is because of the remarks he has made about the business in the past. Booker T feels as though The Big Guy has made one too many disparaging remarks about the wrestling industry to be welcomed back into the fold.

“When Ryback left the company and went out on this world tour to bash everything about wrestling, even to the point where he said the titles aren’t real. And now you want to try to get back in it? Guys like that, man. Just go home. Just go home.”

Ryback challenged a WWE Hall of Famer to a retirement match

Throughout Ryback's career, fans have compared him to WWE Hall of Famer and WCW legend Goldberg. Whether it be the aesthetic similarities or shared move-set, the resemblances are there for all to see.

Ryback has previously stated that he has no ill feelings towards Da Man. In fact, he expressed his respect for Goldberg and said he would like to one day step in the ring with him.

Former WWE star Ryback officially challenges Goldberg to a retirement match this summer

#WWE #Goldberg #Ryback

He took this one step further when he announced that he will be medically cleared soon and challenged Goldberg to a retirement match. While there is a large portion of the wrestling world that would be excited to see this happen, only time will tell whether these two titans finally get to square off.


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