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Fanart of Dragon Ball Super's Gods of Destruction (Image via DeviantArt/WindyEchoes)

10 Dragon Ball characters who are worthy of succeeding their God of Destruction

Dragon Ball Super pushed the franchise in a completely new and exciting direction with the inclusion of the Gods of Destruction. Building off this reveal into the multiverse of the series further excited fans and led to much speculation on how the Gods of Destruction came to be.

Dragon Ball Super’s Tournament of Power arc somewhat sheds light on the subject through Toppo’s announcement of being selected to succeed Belmod. It’s a safe assumption that other universes besides Universe 11 select their Destroyers this way.


Here are ten Dragon Ball characters worthy of succeeding their God of Destruction.

Multiple Universe 7 candidates qualify to become a Destroyer in Dragon Ball

1) Goku

Goku as seen in the Super anime (Image via Toei Animation)

At the top of the list is, no doubt, Dragon Ball’s protagonist. If the only barrier to becoming a God of Destruction is strength, Goku is undoubtedly already there. Learning how to use Destroyer energy may go against his nature, but considering his character, there’s no doubt he’d eventually learn it.

2) Vegeta

Vegeta as seen in the Z anime (Image via Toei Animation)

Likewise, Vegeta has the necessary strength and is able to use Destroyer energy with expertise. His Ultra Ego form is a transformation he learned through training with Beerus, and allows him to fight as a Destroyer would. He’s arguably one of Universe 7’s most likely candidates for the role.

3) Jiren

Jiren as seen in the Super anime (Image via Toei Animation)

Jiren is said to be the absolute strongest within Universe 11, even capable of beating his Destroyer, Belmod, in combat. His teammate, Toppo, is also already being selected as the next God of Destruction candidate. Without a doubt, Jiren is worthy of becoming one of Dragon Ball’s Destroyers.


4) Toppo

Toppo seen in his Destroyer form (Image via Toei Animation)

As mentioned above, Toppo is already being groomed to become the next Universe 11 God of Destruction. He’s capable of using Destroyer energy, and does so with apparent ease. Despite being second fiddle in Dragon Ball’s Universe 11, he’s inarguably worthy of inheriting the title.

5) Broly

Broly as seen in the Dragon Ball Super: Broly movie (Image via Toei Animation)

As a Legendary Super Saiyan, Broly no doubt has the power it takes to become one of Dragon Ball’s Gods of Destruction. While composure and control are somewhat of an issue, these can be worked on through training and apparently are, given the latest Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero trailer. In terms of strength, he’s already more than qualified for the role.


6) Hit

Hit as seen in the Super anime (Image via Toei Animation)

Hit has been one of the strongest Universe 6 warriors seen thus far. As a result, it’s a safe assumption that he’s qualified for a role as a God of Destruction. His power during both the Tournament of Destroyers and Tournament of Power was impressive, allowing him to go toe-to-toe with Goku and Jiren, respectively.

7) Kale

Kale in her Berserker form (Image via Toei Animation)

Likewise, Kale is also one of Universe 6’s strongest warriors. She serves as the Universe 6 mirror to Broly, functioning as their Legendary Super Saiyan. Unlike him, however, she seems able to control her power and strength more than he can. Having both the Legendary Super Saiyan power and being able to control it, she’s certainly qualified to become a Destroyer.


8) Frieza

Frieza as seen in the Super anime (Image via Toei Animation)

While Frieza is the weakest Universe 7 member present on this list, he was still strong enough to handle Destroyer energy and even redirect it. More power can always come with training, especially if his base is strong enough to handle Destroyer energy. There’s little to no doubt that Frieza could qualify as a God of Destruction successor in the current series' landscape.

9) Granolah

No. 8: Granolah!

The only DragonBall Super to make the list. Currently the strongest being in the universe (thanks to a wish on the Dragon Balls), his backstory is deeply linked to the Saiyans, tying Goku's dad Bardock into the canon. He does finger guns to attack!

7:14 AM · Mar 22, 2022

Granolah’s wish to Toronbo resulted in him becoming the strongest mortal in Universe 7, without question. He further proved this by defeating both Goku and Vegeta in one-on-one and two-on-one combat. Being the strongest mortal in the universe, there’s almost no doubt he’d be considered for the role of the God of Destruction.


10) Gas

Gas flying through the galaxy in 20 minutes is impressive AF. It's not as fast as many wankers try to claim DBS characters are, but it's still millions up to a billion times faster than light ( Depends on distance. ).

The universe's strongest mortal is no understatement.
6:19 AM · Mar 28, 2022

Likewise, Gas received the benefit of the same wish from Toronbo after Granolah did. This would, presumably, make him at least as strong, if not stronger. If his enemy is qualified to become the God of Destruction, there’s little doubt he’s just as, if not more, qualified.

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