Broly spotted training with Beerus and Whis in 'Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero' trailer

Broly's appearance in the new trailer confirms his presence for the movie (Image via Toei Animation)
Broly's appearance in the new trailer confirms his presence for the movie (Image via Toei Animation)

The second trailer for Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero was released, and with it came some exciting reveals of characters in the film. Primarily interesting are the reveals of Broly, Whis, and Beerus’ presence in the movie.

Also teased in the trailer was “the birth of the ultimate evil,” showcasing some sort of recovery or hibernation pod seemingly activated. While fans are still somewhat split on who the surprise character could be, the pod would seem to narrow it down to an Android combatant.

Follow along as this article breaks down the new Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero trailer and speculations on what this “ultimate evil” could be.

Reveal of 'Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero's “ultimate evil” implies Cell, Android 21 cameo

Broly, Whis, Beerus, confirmed for 'Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero'

Earlier today, Twitter user and reputable Dragon Ball news source @DBSChronicles posted the new Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero in a subbed version. During the trailer, fans can see shots of Broly, Beerus, and Whis, all in quick and immediate succession of one another.

While no training shots were specifically seen, fans have theorized since the first trailer that Goku and Vegeta were training on Beerus’ planet. With confirmation that Broly, Whis, and Beerus are all in Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, it seems certain the five are all training together on Beerus’ planet.

Initial fan response has been extremely positive, with many rejoicing at the confirmation of Broly’s appearance for the film. Even more exciting is the evident act of Broly’s training with Whis and Beerus. This has led some fans to speculate that a God Ki variant of his Legendary Super Saiyan power may soon debut.

“Ultimate evil” containment/hibernation device seems to all but confirm Android 21 or Cell’s appearance

Also seen at the end of the trailer for the first time was some sort of containment or hibernation device. This appears to be situated at the Red Ribbon Army base, seemingly implying the “ultimate evil” it contains to be some sort of Android.

While fans are split in terms of reactions to each of these candidates, this presumably confirms either Android 21 or Cell to be appearing in the movie. Both are Androids made by the Red Ribbon Army, who have been villains in canonical franchise material at one point or another.

Although this is still speculative until Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero releases, it’s hard to imagine any other returning characters who could appear. The context of this pod-like device being at Red Ribbon Army headquarters all but confirms who, or whatever, is inside to be an Android.

In summation

The new Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero trailer has yet again succeeded in building further hype for the movie. The production team has done a fantastic job of bringing fans on board with the film since the first trailer’s release, which garnered a tepid response at best.

Now, fans are popping with excitement over the confirmation of Broly’s appearance, which seemingly implies a new era for the franchise on the horizon. Fans are also theorizing that the upcoming Super manga chapters will feature a Broly appearance as well, which would make sense considering his inclusion in the upcoming film.

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