5 times Beerus was unexpectedly kind in Dragon Ball (& 5 times he showed no mercy)

Beerus and Goku fight during the Dragon Ball Super anime (Image via Toei Animation)
Beerus and Goku fight during the Dragon Ball Super anime (Image via Toei Animation)

One of the brand new characters made specifically for the Dragon Ball Super era of the franchise was Universe 7’s God of Destruction, Lord Beerus. First introduced in the Battle of Gods movie and corresponding Dragon Ball Super redux arc, Beerus is an incredibly finicky and temperamental cat-man of a God.

As a result of his fickle ways, there are times where Beerus can be a very kind and benevolent God, and times he can be cruel and malicious.

Here are five times Beerus was unexpectedly kind in Dragon Ball, and five more times he showed no mercy.

Respect for his fighters and four other Dragon Ball instances prove Beerus has a kind side

1) Wishing for Champa


During Dragon Ball Super’s Tournament of Destroyers arc, Champa is introduced as Beerus’ brother and Universe 6 counterpart who is challenging his universe to a fight. The prize of this fight ends up being the Super Dragon Balls, which Beerus and Universe 7 end up winning.

In a surprising act of kindness, Beerus wishes back his brother’s planet Earth so Champa can also enjoy all the delicious foods offered there.

2) Beerus “falls asleep” while destroying the planet


After defeating Goku in the Battle of Gods movie and corresponding arc, Beerus has to make good on his promise to destroy the Earth. Just as all hope seems lost, Beerus’ attack completely misses its mark and spares the Earth as he apparently falls asleep.

Unbeknownst to the Z Fighters, Beerus secretly chose to spare the Earth and decided to do so without having to go back on his word.

3) Saves Goku from Hakai energy


During Dragon Ball Super’s Tournament of Power arc, Goku convinces his team to revive Frieza temporarily for his help. After a series of events, Frieza ends up trapping Goku within a ball of Destruction energy, which would’ve eventually seriously hurt or even killed him.

Thankfully, Beerus shows up and kindly saves Goku from certain doom, even if it was in his own best interest, considering the circumstances.

4) Respect for Team Universe 7


Once the actual Tournament of Power gets underway, Beerus’ Universe 7 team is doing a fantastic job in the opening moments. Sleeper contenders like Krillin and Master Roshi are knocking several opponents out of the way, earning their keep.


To pay them their respects, Beerus begins calling his fighters by their name instead of various nicknames he has for them. The prime examples of this are Krillin, Gohan, Master Roshi, and Piccolo, all of whom are acknowledged by Beerus upon their defeat.

5) Allowing Vegeta and Goku to train


Considering how fickle and irritable of a person Beerus has been characterized to be, his allowing Goku and Vegeta to train on his planet is incredibly kindhearted. Goku and Vegeta seem to constantly find ways to annoy Lord Beerus during their stay, and despite this Beerus allows them to continue training.

Even if Beerus only allowed it so he could eventually get a good fight from Goku, it’s still one of the Destroyer’s kinder acts in Dragon Ball.

Slapping Bulma and four other cruel acts in Dragon Ball show Beerus’ ruthless side

1) Destroys Zamasu


Dragon Ball Super’s “Future” Trunks saga sees Goku and Vegeta assisting Future Trunks in taking down a God by the name of Zamasu.

Upon locating the present Zamasu and confirming his being beyond help, Beerus decides to Destroy Zamasu and erase his existence to protect the current timeline. To be Destroyed is to be quite literally erased from existence, a terrifying experience which proves Beerus’ mercilessness.

2) Dominated Goku


When first meeting each other on King Kai’s planet, Goku obviously and predictably challenged Beerus to a fight to see how strong he truly was. Predictably, Beerus completely and utterly dominated Super Saiyan 3 Goku, blocking every attack launched his way with ease.

Even more merciless is that the finishing blow on Goku was a simple flick on the forehead followed by a tap on the shoulder. These two simple and barely forceful movements sent Goku crashing down to King Kai’s planet, transforming him out of Super Saiyan 3 in the process.

3) Slapped Bulma


Beerus’ introduction in Battle of Gods and the corresponding Super arc ends up directly corresponding to Bulma’s birthday party. Throughout the day, Vegeta tries to keep both Bulma and Beerus happy until she finally confronts the God.

Eventually, he slaps Bulma and sends her flying several feet away, knocked unconscious. Considering Bulma isn’t even a Z Fighter, this is an incredibly merciless moment of Beerus’ and truly displays his fickle moods.

4) Destroys the Time Machine


Unfortunately for Bulma, getting slapped isn’t the only time Beerus has shown his merciless side towards her. Upon discovering Bulma’s affinity for tampering with time, Beerus and Whis corner Goku while he’s harvesting the specific mineral needed for time travel.

Upon returning to Bulma with Goku, the two confronted her and criticized her lack of understanding of just how severe a crime time travel is. Bulma barely has time to utter a sentence of apology before Beerus destroys the crystal and the time machine itself, completely stopping her experiments.

5) Destroyed half a planet with a tap


In one of the most engaging and mind-blowing introductions ever, Beerus’ first appearance in Dragon Ball sees him negotiating with people of an unknown planet.

After their attempts at pleasing Beerus only result in a half-good job, Beerus responds by only blowing up half their planet. What’s truly merciless here is that he does this with a tap while still on the planet itself, adding insult to injury indeed.

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