Dragon Ball Super chapter 89 (raw scans): Trunks saves Mai from the latest of Dr. Hedo's zombie creations

Trunks' secret identity may have just been foiled by Mai's crush on Future Trunks (Image via Toei Animation)

Dragon Ball Super chapter 89 raw scans were released in the extremely early hours of Tuesday, January 17, 2023, by Twitter user and reputable series news source @DbsHype1 (DBS Hype). They posted six different tweets consisting of 24 pages of raw scans from the upcoming issue.

While no translated version of the raw scans is available, fans can still get a good idea of what will happen in the upcoming Dragon Ball Super chapter 89. As expected, the upcoming issue and current arc continue to focus on Goten and Trunks’ dual lives as high schoolers by morning and superheroes by night.

Dragon Ball Super chapter 89 sets up reveal of Saiyaman X-1 as Trunks to Mai, Dr. Hedo’s big plan, and more

Dragon Ball Super chapter 89 raw scan spoilers begin with Trunks playing basketball against someone named Beta at Blue Hal High School, the school he and Goten both attend. Readers see Beta steal the ball from Trunks and score immediately after, much to Trunks’ shock and dismay.

Goten is also seen playing on the court with them in the final panels of this section, where those watching the game are now swooning over Beta’s performance. Meanwhile, Dr. Hedo and his zombies are watching surveillance footage of Trunks playing basketball, obviously spying on him and suggesting that they’re aware of his true identity as a superhero.

The next set of Dragon Ball Super chapter 89 raw scan spoilers reveal Beta to be a patchwork zombie of Dr. Hedo’s, with a spot on his neck indicating the same. Trunks seems angered and shocked to see this. Mai is also present, but it’s unclear if she’s aware of Beta’s true identity or not. However, it seems to be implied that she is, based on images alone.

The next page then sees Beta throwing a football at Trunk’s head, which he senses and ducks, causing the ball to bounce around the school halls. It eventually hits a fire extinguisher, which explodes and sprays all over Beta, much to his chagrin and Trunks’ satisfaction. The set’s final page sees Beta trying to throw hot soup on Trunks in the cafeteria, but Trunks catches it in a bowl on his tray instead.

The next set of raw scan spoilers for Dragon Ball Super chapter 89 sees a now-costumed Beta attacking Goten in the middle of the street. Goten dodges the first punch but is unable to dodge the second, with Trunks angrily watching on. He seems to ask Mai to hold his bag after looking at his watch, suggesting he plans to change into his superhero costume to help out Goten.

The next page sees him appear in his superhero costume, stopping Beta’s punch and starting a fight with the patchwork zombie. The final page of this set, however, sees Beta initially overpower Trunks, slamming into his stomach and sending him flying back.

The fourth set of raw scan spoilers for Dragon Ball Super chapter 89 begins with Beta pressing the “B” button on his costume, causing a giant mecha to appear, which he is piloting. Beta seems to launch some sort of missile from it on the next page, much to the annoyance of Dr. Hedo and Trunks alike. The missile seems to land somewhere by Dr. Hedo’s hideout, as well.

Trunks is then seen fighting the mecha, hitting it with three punches and a kick, which is enough to stagger it and upset Beta. However, Beta then takes Mai hostage, visibly angering Trunks. Beta then launches several more missiles from his mecha, albeit with these ones looking much smaller than the previous one.

The fifth set of raw scan spoilers for Dragon Ball Super chapter 89 sees Beta now flying the top half of his mecha away from Trunks with Mai still captive. The mecha’s legs have seemingly been ditched for a thruster instead. Dr. Hedo panics, while Trunks is seen confidently preparing an attack.

Trunks’ attack shatters the mecha and Beta’s outfit, leaving him in just his underwear as Mai begins crashing down to Earth. Trunks obviously saves her, but potentially at the cost of his secret identity, as Mai is reminded of Future Trunks by the currently-costumed individual before her. He then sets Mai down, says goodbye, and flies off.

The final set of raw scan spoilers for Dragon Ball Super chapter 89 sees Trunks and a now-costumed Goten celebrating their victory over Beta on the school’s American football field. As the two fly off, Mai and some friends of the pair look suspiciously at them, while other students raucously cheer for their new heroes.

Trunks is then seen having met back up with Mai, where she seems to now have a crush on the Saiyaman X-1 since he saved her. It’s unclear here if she’s simply fawning over him or sharing suspicions that it’s Trunks. Either way, he seems to want to reveal his identity but is stopped and yelled at by Goten.

Beta is then seen returning to a furious Dr. Hedo, who now seems to have identified both Saiyaman X-1 and X-2, as well as Mai as his current targets. He issues an order to Alpha and the other zombies, who cheer loudly for their leader, while seemingly whispering another command to Beta, which concerns Saiyaman X-2. This is apparent based on “X2” appearing amidst the Japanese kanji.

In summation

Overall, Dragon Ball Super chapter 89 seems to be a very eventful chapter that moves the plot forward rather rapidly. What is especially exciting is the setup for the eventual reveal of Saiyaman X-1’s true identity to Mai, which is very clearly set up in the issue by her likening X-1 to Future Trunks.

The issue also seems to be setting up Dr. Hedo as a legitimate villain for the arc, rather than someone who is simply grave robbing and squatting in abandoned mansions. While still a relatively slow start to the arc, the issue is a good one overall and sets up the future of the series.

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