Dragon Ball Super Chapter 81: Granolah shot, Goku vs Gas

Super Saiyan Blue Goku from Dragon Ball Super (Image by Toei Animation)
Super Saiyan Blue Goku from Dragon Ball Super (Image by Toei Animation)

With Dragon Ball Super Chapter 80 closing with Gas coming down from his rampage, fans were breathless to see what happened next. Chapter 81 would give them more than what they wanted.

Many questions were asked in the wake of the cliffhanger at the end of Dragon Ball Super Chapter 80. Was Granolah okay? What's Gas' next move? How will Goku or Vegeta defeat this bulky foe?

Disclaimer: The following content contains significant spoilers for the latest Dragon Ball Super chapter.

Gas unleashed and more highlights from Dragon Ball Super Chapter 81

Granolah vs Gas ends tragically

As Gas began to turn the gravity up on Goku and Vegeta, Granolah tried to kill Elec in a rage over what happened to his mother and planet. The result was him having his arms shattered by Gas and shot through at point-blank by Elec.

Despite this, the tough Cerealian warrior wasn't out yet as Monaito began to administer healing. The latter vowed not to allow another soul to die on his watch, no doubt referring to his failure to protect Granolah's mother from Elec 40 years ago.

As Gas turned to eliminate Monaito and Granolah, Goku could barely stand until Vegeta gave up the last of his energy. Goku then powered up, and his conflict against Gas began. The protagonist started by giving Gas a chance to leave, which he flatly refused.

Goku vs. Gas on different planets?

The fight began on the planet Cereal, with Gas trying to crush Goku with metal-spiked walls. A few Goku evaded, and at least one he was able to swing around and fling back at Gas, who just dodged it.

Gas started flinging the empty and crumbling buildings at Goku, who was able to dodge them. He was unable to avoid the sudden train slamming into him, though.

The fight took a turn as Gas began talking about how Bardock was stronger than him, yet Goku stated he doesn't remember a thing about the Saiyans or his father. Thus, Gas decided to try drowning Goku while insulting him even further.

After deflecting a blast back at Goku, Gas turned toward Monaito and Granolah but was grabbed and Instant Transmission-ed to another planet by Goku!

After a humorous interlude with Jaco searching for trouble and finding a light that needed changing, Goku and Gas stumbled out of the Instant Transmission on the marketplace street of the unknown planet. After a bit of banter about Instant Transmission, the two began duking it out again.

Goku asked if Heeter could really follow him wherever he went after their fight tore up the street and teleported away. Gas replied never to underestimate his power and vanished after Goku.

This left poor Jaco saying he'd pretend not to see anything.

Final thoughts

This was undoubtedly quick for a chapter. Granolah being near death is shocking given how strong he was against Vegeta and Goku in chapters past, but it was good that he gave his best effort.

Speculation is now abound as to where Gas and Goku are headed next. Will Broly get involved? Will Frieza be the one to be dragged into this brawl of titans?

One thing is for sure: Gas vs Goku is not over, and it won't be for a while. Fans are eagerly grabbing popcorn to await the next punch thrown in this climactic bout of Dragon Ball Super!