Is Bardock going to return to the fray in Dragon Ball Super?

Bardock (Image via Toei Animation)
Bardock (Image via Toei Animation)

The latest chapter of Dragon Ball Super featured a flashback to a fight between Bardock and Gas. In Chapter 80, Gas reflects on an injured Bardock charging up his Ki and firing a powerful blast at him.

This sparked conversation amongst fans of the series, and some believe this is an indication that more of his backstory will be revealed.

Will Dragon Ball Super feature more of Bardock in the future?


While it is impossible to know anything for certain, Chapter 80 gives viewers hope that they have not seen the last of him. Goku's father was a valiant Saiyan warrior who took on powerful enemies such as Frieza and Chilled.

Although we know that he was killed by Frieza, he lived an eventful life. He clearly left an impression on Gas. That being said, fans will likely see more flashbacks involving him throughout this arc.


Chapter 77 of Dragon Ball Super unveiled the first time that Goku learned his father's name. Considering that Goku is only being told about his father now, it's safe to say that is a significant development. It would make sense for such a moment to be strategically placed in the story to foreshadow and build excitement for future chapters.


Toyotaro is the illustrator of Dragon Ball Super and the chosen successor of Akira Toriyama. In a special interview to celebrate the release of the newest volume, Toyotaro revealed pertinent information on his feelings about Goku's father:

"I was a supervisor on a figure project not too long ago, and I had a special affinity for Bardock. I've actually wanted to include [him] in the main story for a while now....But with the main character being Goku, and with Bardock dead for years, I could have him appear in side stories, but getting him in the main story was a challenge. I was given the opportunity to think about how I could weave Bardock into the main story, and when I showed my idea to [series creator Akira Toriyama], he said it looked good. I was like 'Hell yeah!'"

Toyotaro was asked if he will continue to appear in the story, to which he replied:

"Well, I can't really answer questions related to the story...But it's fair to say that Barock plays a major role in this arc. So, it won't be a problem for fans to get their hopes up a bit."

This is not concrete evidence confirming the return of Goku's father, but it is encouraging.


It seems like all of the pieces are in place to blow open the Saiyan's history. Considering the recent conversation where Goku learns about his father, Gas' fearful flashback, and similarities between Goku and his dad, it is very likely that viewers have not seen the last of Bardock.

Toyotaro clearly has some influence on the storyboarding of Dragon Ball Super, and he wants to include more of Goku's father. Even though he couldn't answer every question straight-on, Toyotaro was happy to discuss the topic and offer fans some hope.

Readers will find out if there are more flashbacks on February 20, when Dragon Ball Super Chapter 81 is released.

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