Dragon Ball Super Chapter 80 preview reveals Elec's secret

Fan theories exploring Elec's true plans (Image via Toei Animation)
Fan theories exploring Elec's true plans (Image via Toei Animation)

Dragon Ball Super is a well-known manga and anime series set in the same multiverse as Dragon Ball Z. This series gained a lot of attention and popularity when Dragon Ball Super: Broly was released in 2018.

The manga is covering the Granolah arc and it was announced that the series is inching closer towards the climax. Fans and content creators on YouTube believe that this arc will be completed within the next six chapters.

Therefore, the Dragon Ball Super community has been wondering how things would turn out towards the end and give rise to a new arc. This article explores the fan theories on what Elec’s plan is and the possible ways the Granolah arc could end.

Fan theories surrounding Elec’s true plan in Dragon Ball Super

In Dragon Ball Super, it is clear that Elec would like to have contingency plans if his initial plans fail. Certain fans believe that Gas will not be able to beat Granolah.

The Cerealean spent some time understanding his newfound powers and had gained a lot more experience when he fought Ultra Instinct Goku and Ultra Ego Vegeta. In chapter 79, fans witnessed how Granolah was able to turn the tide and overwhelm Gas.


But theories suggest Elec will use the Sugarians as hostages to beat Granolah. Fans believe that Heeters will get involved, which will lead to the Saiyans getting involved as well. Granolah is winning against Gas, and the Heeters will not just sit back and watch.

Dragon Ball Super fans believe that Elec will use another wish to attain more knowledge. He will not wish to get stronger because he is more inclined towards knowledge and not strength. Therefore, it might end with him wishing for a device that will enable him to travel between multiple universes. Elec has established clear intentions of conquering Frieza’s army.

Therefore, the chances are that Dragon Ball Fans might witness the Saiyans chasing Elec to another universe. If this is the case, the manga series might finally feature Frieza and Broly in the upcoming arc.

It is important to understand that this article was merely exploring the fan theories and understanding the possible directions in which Dragon Ball Super will progress in the coming future. Fans await further announcements to confirm these fan theories.