Will there be a Dragon Ball Super Season 2? Everything we know 

Will Toei Animation continue Dragon Ball Super (Image via Toei Animation)
Will Toei Animation continue Dragon Ball Super (Image via Toei Animation)

Dragon Ball Super is a manga and anime series that is loved by fans across the globe. Ever since its inception, fans have been reading the latest chapter, hoping that Toei Animation will continue adapting the series.

Fans have been wondering if the manga will receive an anime adaptation of the remaining arcs. The anime ended at the Tournament of Power arc and the manga has gone on to release two more sagas.

Dragon Ball Super: Will fans get to watch anime adaptation of the next set of arcs?

At the time of writing, Toei Animation has not confirmed the continuation of Dragon Ball Super. Instead, they have announced a new Dragon Ball Super movie in the works.

Sources speculated that the animation studio would announce a second season during late 2021. Unfortunately, it seems like Toei Animation will not be working on adapting the manga, at least for the time being.

Dragon Ball Super: Super Heroes will be the upcoming Dragon Ball Super movie and the studio has confirmed that the aforementioned movie is set in the future. Apart from that, no relevant information regarding the connection to the manga or anime has been revealed.


Signs point towards Season 2 being out of the equation, considering Toei Animation’s line up for the next couple of months. They are currently working on Dragon Ball Super: Super Heroes and on One Piece: Red, which is scheduled to release in August. In addition, the studio continues to release weekly episodes of One Piece.

If at all the studio decided to continue adapting the Dragon Ball Super manga, fans would have to wait until early 2023 to receive updates regarding the matter at hand.

That being said, there was a brief moment of excitement among fans of Dragon Ball Super. Ryo Horikawa, the Japanese voice actor for Vegeta, tweeted about a meeting he had with Toei Animation, but wouldn’t reveal any specific details. Naturally, fans were optimistic and hoped the tweet was a confirmation of Season 2 being in the works.

However, it is important to understand that there are no official statements to clarify the issue at hand. Fans await further announcements pertaining to Dragon Ball Super.

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