Dragon Ball Super Chapter 79: Expected release date, spoilers, and more

Goku and Vegeta (Image via Wallpaperaccess.com)
Goku and Vegeta (Image via Wallpaperaccess.com)

Dragon Ball Super is one of the most popular Japanese Manga series of all time. It starts with Beerus awakening from his decades-long slumber. He and his teacher, Whis, then hunt down the prophetic Super Saiyan God Warrior in an attempt to stop him from destroying the earth. Goku, who becomes the Super Saiyan God, fights a losing battle against Beerus.

While all this is taking place, Frieza’s army attempts to gather Dragon Balls and regenerate him. This turns out to be a success, and Freiza swears to release his wrath on Goku and Vegeta.

Quickly rising in popularity since its premiere, fans of Dragon Ball Super eagerly wait for the release of each chapter, and Chapter 79’s release is no different.

While there isn’t much known about the imminent release of Dragon Ball Super Chapter 79, there is still some information that has surfaced. With that said, here is everything that is known about Chapter 79’s release.

Are there spoilers for Dragon Ball Super Chapter 79?

As mentioned earlier in the article, many spoilers have not been released, as the release date is a little while away. After extensive research, there is no indication of official leaks, spoilers, or raw scans for this chapter of Dragon Ball Super. However, what can be deduced is that this chapter will pick up exactly where Chapter 78 left off.

Chapter 78 recap

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 78 was titled “Gas’ Wish.” This chapter started with Gas pointing out Goku’s resemblance to a Saiyan they previously saw. Gas attempted to attack Goku, but he was stopped by Granolah. Despite Granolah thinking of himself as the Dragon Ball Super universe’s strongest warrior, Gas still manages to beat him, confirming that the latter is now the most powerful.


After his victory against Granolah, Gas created a sword to attack Goku. This plan backfired, as the Saiyan still destroyed the sword. Still riding high after this act, Goku sought to attack Gas, but he was unsuccessful as Gas wielded his Gas shield. While Goku was defeated, Vegeta simultaneously found a Senzu bean, which he selflessly gave to Granolah.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 79 expected release date and where to read

While this date could change, Dragon Ball Super Chapter 79 is expected to be released on Saturday, December 20, 2021. This chapter can be read on several sites, but it is always advised to read on official sites. Not only does this protect the readers, but it also supports the outstanding writers.

That said, just like the previously released chapters, one can expect Dragon Ball Super Chapter 79 to be available on Viz.com and Manga Plus.

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