Dragon Ball Super: Vegeta Ultra ego color to finally be revealed at Jump Fest '22

Colored illustration of Ultra Ego Vegeta to be revealed at Jump Festa 2022 (Image via Reddit thread r/Dragonballsuper)
Colored illustration of Ultra Ego Vegeta to be revealed at Jump Festa 2022 (Image via Reddit thread r/Dragonballsuper)

Dragon Ball Super is probably one of the most popular manga and anime series, written by Toriyama and illustrated by Toyotarou. Dragon Ball Super fans had a lot to enjoy the past few weeks when Vegeta went up against the last remaining Cerealean, Granolah.

In one of the Granolah The Survivor Saga arc chapters, fans witnessed Vegeta achieve a new form called Ultra Ego Vegeta. Viewers took to social media to express their excitement, as Jump Festa 2022 will feature Ultra Ego Vegeta’s colored illustration for the first time.

Colored illustration of Ultra Ego Vegeta from Dragon Ball Super to be revealed at Jump Festa 2022

Dragon Ball super fan-favorite Vegeta achieved a new form in the Granolah arc. This form’s colored illustration will be revealed at the upcoming Jump Festa. According to official statements, the reveal is set to take place on December 18 or 19, 2021.

Dragon Ball Super fans have already started talking about Vegeta’s hair color in his Ultra Ego form. A few tweets read:

@DbsHype Watch it be pink or something
@DbsHype Purple or black, place your bets
@LukeOwe60079880 @DbsHype I’m predicting black with purple aura like UI omen I think this form is incomplete
@DbsHype Just don't be brown please
@DbsHype I like that toyo confirmed that the no eyebrows look was based on Beerus, just like Goku's silver hair was based on the angels. so it seems like that is hinting that the design will feature some type of purple too

In his Ultra Ego form, Vegeta has his physical powers enhanced drastically and grows stronger every time he takes damage from his opponent. He overpowered Granolah, who was far stronger than him. This got fans excited over the colored illustration reveal.

What is Jump Festa?

Jump Festa is an annual manga and anime conference for two days. Shueisha will sponsor the event in December. Much like other anime conferences, there will be anime-themed vendors who have their stalls set up that sell merchandise and display some of their latest titles in the works.

Source is the official site. Also checkout the new Toyotaro interview where he answers your questions!•…

The conference is centered around a number of Shonen Jump titles such as One Piece, Dragon Ball Super, Naruto, Demon Slayer, and Jujutsu Kaisen. Some of the main events include character, colored illustration reveals, and voice actors performing an episode or two of popular Shonen titles.

The information above is available on the Dragon Ball official website. It also features an interview with Toyotarou, who answers a few questions posed by fans of Dragon Ball Super.

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