Dragon Ball Super: Can Ultra Ego Vegeta be called stronger than Ultra Instinct Goku?

Goku Ultra Instinct vs Ultra Ego Vegeta (Image via Twitter/@SLOplays)
Goku Ultra Instinct vs Ultra Ego Vegeta (Image via Twitter/@SLOplays)

The Dragon Ball Super fanbase has yet another question that needs answers. Ever since the reveal of Ultra Ego Vegeta, the community has been quick to compare it to Ultra Instinct Goku. Currently the two Saiyans are up against Granolah, the last remaining Cerealian.

While Goku and Vegeta have not fought against each other in their strongest forms, it will be difficult to ascertain the winner of this matchup. That being said, a comparison can be made based on the abilities displayed by the aforementioned Dragon Ball Super characters.


Dragon Ball Super: Goku Ultra Instinct vs Ultra Ego Vegeta

It is important to establish the fact that the matchup between the two Saiyans in the above mentioned forms, will be quite even. Before we proceed with the comparison, it is important to understand these Dragon Ball Super transformations and its powers. Whis, Universe 7’s angel describes what Ultra Instinct is. He says:

“It's an ultimate technique that severs the consciousness from the body in order to allow the body to subconsciously move it to even attack and evade. It's called Ultra Instinct.”

The reason why this technique is so powerful is because the wielder is able to dodge any incoming attack since each and every part of the body moves on its own. On paper, this can be considered the perfect defense.

But a transformation such as this comes with its drawbacks, much like all the powerful transformations that are present in Dragon Ball Super. Ultra Instinct takes a toll on Goku’s body since he hasn’t trained enough.

Therefore, the accuracy of movements, attacks and dodges start to reduce as time passes. This means that Goku cannot rely on Ultra Instinct for a long period of time as its efficacy reduces as the duration of the fight increases.

Ultra Ego transformation in Dragon Ball Super drastically enhances physical powers. In this transformation Vegeta grows stronger with the more damage he takes. But there is a limit to the amount of damage his body can sustain.

This transformation, much like Ultra Instinct, causes a huge amount of strain on the wielder’s body. Another drawback of this transformation is that Vegeta is in a state of mind that can lead to him underestimating his opponent which can be detrimental to his victory.

A battle between these two Dragon Ball Super characters will be decisive. While Goku’s Ultra Instinct loses its accuracy with time, Ultra Ego Vegeta grows stronger as time passes but cannot sustain damage beyond a certain point.

It is a typical high defense low damage tank versus a high damage low defense glass cannon type of a matchup. Therefore it will be difficult to ascertain who is the stronger Dragon Ball Super character in the above mentioned transformations.

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