Dragon Ball Super Chapter 78: Elec makes a wish, Gas pummels protagonists, and Ultra Ego returns?

A fan-made collage showing Goku, Granolah, and Vegeta as they're seen in the Granolah the Survivor arc (Image via Twitter)
A fan-made collage showing Goku, Granolah, and Vegeta as they're seen in the Granolah the Survivor arc (Image via Twitter)

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 78 officially released this past Sunday, much to the joy of fans everywhere. We finally see Elec make his wish, as well as a great fight scene between the newly powered-up Gas versus Granolah and Goku individually.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 78 also reminded fans of the existence of a Senzu Bean on the battlefield, which Goku tells Vegeta to eat and use Ultra Ego. Yet as is typical of our Prince of Saiyans, he sticks to his own morals and values here and does something completely different.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 78 was packed with great moments from start to finish, and in this article, we’ll go page by page covering everything that happened.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 78: Heroes in a dire situation and a last-ditch effort

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 78: Opening pages

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 78 opens up with Oil checking in with Macki and the rest of the Heeters. Macki lets Elec know that the Saiyans and Granolah have stopped fighting due to the appearance of an elderly Namekian. Elec quickly and correctly guesses the Namekian to be Monaito, saying he should know better than to meddle.

Gas suggests killing them all, which Macki supports, saying the three must be weakened from their battle. Elec sends Macki and Gas to deal with Granolah and the Saiyans, while Elec reaffirms his desire to make a wish. Gas says he’s fine as he is, to which Elec responds they need to take all precautions as their entire plan rests on Gas’s shoulders. Gas acknowledges this before leaving with Macki.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 78 then cuts back to the Saiyans and Granolah. Granolah laments the years spent working for Elec while criticizing Monaito for never telling him the truth. Goku and Vegeta pull the two apart, while Granolah further regrets the course of his life.

Vegeta then asks if Bardock won, which Monaito confirms and cites as their reason for survival. Vegeta questions whether Gas was really that weak, but Monaito says the opposite: Gas was quite strong, but Bardock was stronger.

Suddenly, the sky goes dark. While our heroes ponder what this could mean, we cut to Elec who has successfully summoned the dragon. Sugarians are also seen pondering what this could mean before the light returns to the sky. Out of nowhere, Vegeta and Goku begin detecting a massive power signature.

Granolah says he knows that power signature when the Heeters arrive. Macki thanks Granolah for his years of service before saying it’s time to take out the trash, and finally their plan will be complete. Macki then presents the now strongest person in the universe, Gas, who apparently more than tripled in height as a result of the wish.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 78: Middle act

Monaito exclaims that the Heeters must’ve used the Dragon Balls to wish Gas the strongest in the universe, like Granolah did himself. Gas then silently approaches the cliff face, shooting a massive Ki blast out of his finger and bisecting Granolah’s ship in the process.

Our heroes get out of the way, but Gas’ assault doesn’t stop there. He then creates a four-pronged Ki spear and launches it at Granolah, each prong stabbing through Granolah’s body. Gas approaches Granolah, saying he never liked him and that Gas was all the muscle the Heeters ever needed.

Gas gleefully says he can finally kill Granolah now before Goku attempts to intervene. Yet with a snap of his fingers, Granolah creates four Ki cubes which restrict Goku’s movement and weigh him to the ground. Gas realizes Goku is Bardock’s son, asking if Bardock still lives. Vegeta then explains the eradication of the Saiyans and how only a few survived.

Macki says they’ll finish Frieza’s job, prompting Goku to question why the three of them must die. Creating a Ki battleaxe, Gas says it’s because they threaten the Heeters plans before swinging down the axe on Goku. Miraculously, Granolah was able to escape and shoot a Ki blast at Gas, causing the axe to drop to the ground, just missing Goku’s face.

Granolah lays claim to the title of the strongest before Gas savagely beats him with a Ki mace. Macki explains that because Gas’ wish came after Granolah’s, he’s the true strongest in the universe. Gas ends the barrage by saying Elec saw value in Granolah’s strength, but he never did.

Meanwhile, Monaito begins undoing Goku’s restrictions and unsuccessfully tries to heal the Saiyan. Monaito asks Goku to save Granolah, which Goku says he’ll do his best to accomplish. Granolah then begins questioning Gas as to why the Heeters let him live. Gas responds by saying they didn’t realize until years later, when Granolah was an established bounty hunter.

Segueing into a flashback, Gas says Elec felt it would be a waste of resources to kill Granolah instead of hiring him. In the flashback, Elec, Monaito, and the other Heeters watch a young Granolah training on targets in the woods. It's nice to see Dragon Ball Super Chapter 78 continue providing fans with Monaito and Granolah's backstories.

In the flashback, Monaito tells Elec he can’t take Granolah, prompting Elec to remind him they can do nothing to stop him. Elec asks if Granolah knows Elec killed his mother, to which Monaito says he doesn’t. Monaito thinks it’s luck Elec survived, because if Granolah knew the truth, he’d run off to unsuccessfully attempt taking Elec’s life.

Elec tells Monaito to stay quiet before calling Granolah over. Dragon Ball Super Chapter 78 then shows Elec entice Granolah into taking a job with the Heeters by referencing Monaito’s quality of life. Dragon Ball Super Chapter 78 returns to the present and shows Monaito regretting his choice that day, which Goku dismisses, saying they had no choice.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 78: Final act

Monaito admits defeat in trying to restore Goku’s energy, when Goku suddenly remembers the Senzu Bean Vegeta has. Vegeta says he has it, but it’s in his armor, which has been tossed aside. Granolah is suddenly knocked out cold, prompting Goku to tell Vegeta to find and eat the Senzu Bean.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 78 gives us a great gag moment here, as we see Goku use “freaky-face mode” to refer to Vegeta’s Ultra Ego technique. This was a great moment to sneak into the chapter, which Toriyama and Toyotaro should be commended for.

Goku then flies off after telling Vegeta to eat the Senzu Bean and go “freaky-face mode” to beat Gas. Goku confronts Gas, telling him he’s being way too cruel. Gas responds by essentially telling Goku this isn’t his business while commenting on the endangered species becoming friends.

Gas lunges at Goku with a Ki sword, prompting the latter to go Super Saiyan Blue and break the blade between his hands. Dragon Ball Super Chapter 78 then shows a great back and forth between Goku and Gas for a few pages. Each is shown making a “can’t kill me that easily” joke about the other's techniques.

Macki comments on the Saiyans not being too tough when Oil realizes Vegeta is gone. We then see Vegeta recover the Senzu Bean, but he doesn’t eat it. Dragon Ball Super Chapter 78 then quickly cuts back to Goku vs Gas for a few panels. This ends with Goku asking Vegeta to hurry up as he won’t last much longer.

We then see Vegeta waking up Granolah, telling him to eat the Senzu Bean. We get some great characterization moments for Vegeta here, starting with Vegeta saying eating the Senzu Bean during his fight with Granolah would’ve been the coward's way out.

In the Dragon Ball Super Chapter 78's final panels, we see Vegeta telling Granolah to eat the Senzu Bean and achieve his revenge by his own hands. Another fantastic Vegeta moment as it shows that Saiyan Pride is still as engraved in him as when he sought revenge against Frieza.

Final thoughts on Dragon Ball Super Chapter 78

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 78 was one of the series’ most exciting chapters in recent memory. Toriyama and Toyotaro crammed this chapter full of great action sequences, backstory, gags, and fantastic character callback moments.

The situation with Gas is clearly a lot more grave than most fans were likely expecting. Having to fight the new strongest in the universe after just beating the previous strongest is taking a toll on our heroes. The situation in Dragon Ball Super Chapter 78 looks quite dire, and seems poised only to become worse in later issues.

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