Dragon Ball Super Chapter 79: Ways in which Granolah can beat Gas in a one-on-one battle

Can Granolah beat Gas in the upcoming chapter 79 of Dragon Ball Super? (Image via Dragon Ball Super)
Can Granolah beat Gas in the upcoming chapter 79 of Dragon Ball Super? (Image via Dragon Ball Super)

Dragon Ball Super manga is at a crucial stage where Granolah and Gas are about to fight against each other. The excitement continues to build, as chapter 79 of the manga should be released in a couple of days.

The Dragon Ball community is slightly divisive about the possible winner from the aforementioned matchup. There are convincing points that support both characters, but this article is about the possibility of Granolah defeating Gas in a one-on-one battle.

Can Granolah beat Gas in Dragon Ball Super?

Based on what has been shown so far, it seems that Gas is stronger than Granolah and it seems unlikely for Granolah to emerge victorious in this battle. It is important to understand that the current arc in Dragon Ball Super is all about Granolah. It is about him seeking revenge against everything that was done to his race, the Cerealians.

The Saiyans had obliterated the Cerealians which led to Granolah fighting Goku and Vegeta until they were nearly dead. Later, Gas makes it clear that he wants to kill the Saiyans and Granolah, which leads to a fight that will be showcased in the upcoming chapter.

Gas from Dragon Ball Super (Image via Akira Toriyama)
Gas from Dragon Ball Super (Image via Akira Toriyama)

Fan theories suggest that Granolah might win against Gas since he has a very strong motivational factor which could play a role in increase in powers. In the previous chapters we saw how Vegeta overwhelmed Granolah despite being weaker than him.

Similarly, it is possible for Granolah to catch Gas off-guard. Granolah is more experienced and can maintain his composure unlike the time he fought against Goku and Vegeta in the previous chapters of Dragon Ball Super.

The reason why Vegeta and Goku will not be involved in this fight is because they know that this is Granolah’s fight. While it is unlikely that they will interfere, they might assist Granolah if he sustains severe injuries during the fight.

The only way Granolah can beat Gas is if he catches him off guard and utilizes the experience he gained from the fight against Vegeta.

It is important to note that these are merely fan theories suggested by Dragon Ball Super fans. THe above mentioned information is one of the many possible scenarios in the fight that will take place in chapter 79 of Dragon Ball Super.