Dragon Ball Super Chapter 80: Release date, where to read, and more

Everything we know about Chapter 80 of Dragon Ball Super (Image via Viz)
Everything we know about Chapter 80 of Dragon Ball Super (Image via Viz)

Dragon Ball Super fans were quite excited as they witnessed Granolah fight Gas in the previous chapter. It seems like the manga is at a crucial stage and this fight might conclude the Granolah arc.

Recently, Shonen Jump announced a weekly break for a good number of their series. Fortunately, this doesn’t apply to Dragon Ball Super since the chapters come out on a monthly basis. The next chapter will be released around the same time next month. Here’s everything to know about Dragon Ball Super Chapter 80.


Dragon Ball Super Chapter 80 expected release date and where to read

According to sources, the upcoming Chapter 80 of Dragon Ball Super will be released on 20 January 2022. The manga series releases its chapters every month and since Chapter 79 was released on 20 December 2021, the upcoming chapter will likely be released on the aforementioned date. That being said, unforeseen circumstances have delayed the release of some chapters in the past. This is quite common in manga series, therefore the date of release can be subject to change.

The latest chapters of Dragon Ball Super will be available on Viz Media and Manga Plus. The last three chapters will be available for free on Viz, but one would have to subscribe to the site’s paid services in order to access some of the previous chapters. As for spoilers, fans will have to wait until two days before release. Usually the raw scans will be uploaded by then, which are translated by fans and uploaded within a few hours.

Dragon Ball Chapter 79 recap

Chapter 79 is all about the battle between Granolah and Gas. Vegeta lends Granolah a hand by giving him a Senzu Bean, restoring his health and power. Granolah then takes on Gas and overwhelms him for a brief period of time. Gas feels that it was a failure on his part for not being able to kill Granolah without relying on his new-found strength.

Gas surprises him by using instant teleportation and lands a few blows on the Cerealian. Goku stands in awe as he witnesses the two characters continually use instant teleportation. Towards the end of the chapter, Vegeta notices the fighting pattern of the two characters. He realized that Gas does not know how to wield his new strength and that his instant teleportation is quite sloppy. Chapter 79 of Dragon Ball Super ends with the Saiyans believing that Granolah still has a chance to defeat Gas.