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There are a few characters Haikyuu! fans hate from the anime (Image via Production I.G.)

10 most hated characters in Haikyuu! 

Fans of Haikyuu! constantly claim that it's difficult to hate its characters. Nonetheless, it's a form of entertainment that has inevitably drawn some people to hate some characters for various reasons.

Popularity polls are a great way to gauge how popular a character is. They're primarily for how the characters were portrayed in the manga, yet they're still a good way to show that some hated characters couldn't make it on them. More often than not, they haven't become more popular characters due to the anime.


It is worth noting that no character in the series is universally despised. Also, this list takes several opinions based on the fanbase at large.

Haikyuu!: 10 of the most hated characters in the anime


10) Kei Tsukishima

The divisive Tsukishima (Image via Production I.G.)

Some characters are still hated by fans based on how they were portrayed at the beginning of the Haikyuu! anime. However, it's worth noting that Kei Tsukishima isn't universally hated (he has scored in the top ten of past popularity polls). Still, it's not uncommon to find people who detest him, even after he was given a good amount of screentime that focused on him in a positive light.

He is a prime example of a divisive character where fans of the series either love him or hate him. Tsukishima is blunt and antagonistic at times, which can rub some people off the wrong way.

9) Akira Kunimi

He's a popular character that a few Kageyama stans might hate (Image via Production I.G.)

Given Kageyama's popularity in the anime, it's unsurprising that a few characters who have wronged him would end up being unpopular. Akira, along with several other students, abandoned Kageyama during his "Tyrant King" days. Not to mention, he is lazy and quiet, so he can fade into the background sometimes.


Akira Kuniumi is another example of a divisive character who has scored well on official character popularity polls, but still has a hatedom in the fanbase due to his relationship with Kitagawa Daiichi Junior High.

8) Yūtarō Kindaichi

Kindaichi's grudge with Kageyama has made some people dislike him (Image via Production I.G.)

Kindaichi, along with many others, will remember Kageyama's "Tyrant King" days. However, he still cares about Kageyama, even after the team abandoned him for his overbearing attitude. It also doesn't help that some people don't like his design, and his general skill level isn't so impressive as to make him endearing to fans.

Still, he had some decent rankings in the official character popularity polls, showing that not all fans still hate him for his early relationship with Kageyama.

7) Tōru Oikawa


Whereas some people just find Yachi annoying, there are some anime fans who hate Tōru Oikawa for his personality and how he tried to hit Kageyama in the past. He's another prime example of a "love him or hate him" type of character.

Oikawa has scored consistently very well in the official character popularity polls, but that hasn't stopped his haters from voicing their displeasure with him. He's smug, and his grudge against Kageyama can be a bit ruthless at times.

6) Kenjirō Shirabu

He does have a silly haircut (Image via Production I.G.)

The bulk of his screentime comes from the Shiratorizawa vs. Karasuno bout, and he was a fairly prominent part of that match. Some anime fans call him pompous and weak, even though he is more skillful than his haters would give him credit for.

Funnily enough, some people hate him because of his hairstyle. Unfortunately for him, he never had the fanbase to make it to the official character popularity poll. He's not a particularly fun character to watch, and has a bit of an ego associated with his school's reputation.

5) Atsumu Miya

He's hated both in-universe and in the fandom (Image via Production I.G.)

A competitive perfectionist is bound to rub some people the wrong way. His teammates have despised him in the past, and there are plenty of viewers who hate him just as much. Astumu Miya is a skillful player but not a likable one.

He was never ranked on an official character popularity poll in Haikyuu! It's easy to see him as a toxic teammate that one wouldn't want to deal with in real life.

4) Yūji Terushima


The scene of him harassing Kiyoko Shimizu is still ingrained in some anime fans' minds, making discussions about him rather uncomfortable. He isn't the most important character, which makes that one scene the most remarkable part of his character.

However, it also means that Haikyuu! fans don't talk about him often. Just the same, he never made it to an official character popularity poll. His friend in this scene is also detested, although he's far less important as far as the Haikyuu! anime goes.

3) Kentarō Kyōtani

"Mad Dog" is an appropriate nickname for him (Image via Production I.G.)

Many of the Haikyuu! characters would be fine to meet in real life if they existed. Kentarō Kyōtani isn't one of them, especially for anybody who has played a sport and had a teammate just like him. He's hot-headed and sadly didn't do much past Karasuno vs. Aoba Johsai.

He never made it to an official character popularity poll. The Mad Dog is overly aggressive and doesn't have many redeeming qualities to make that drawback likable to Haikyuu! fanbase.

2) Suguru Daishō

For some Haikyuu! fans, he's the most dislikable character in the anime (Image via Production I.G.)

A cunning character who likes to play dirty and mock others isn't somebody a viewer would generally like. That's not to say that these types of characters don't have their fans, but Suguru Daishō isn't one of them. He's commonly referenced in various social media posts regarding the most hated Haikyuu! characters.

He's, unsurprisingly, never been in one of the official popularity polls. Some people still don't like Nohebi Academy, and Suguru was their captain. A few anime fans also think he's a good example of a character that can give it, but can't take it.

1) Tanji Washijō

It's easy to hate him in the anime (Image via Production I.G.)

Size matters, especially to the Demon Coach. While it's logical that one would want tall players for a volleyball team, some players are put off by how he treated Hinata as a ballboy at the beginning of the training camp saga.

He's hostile to Hinata (who is one of the most popular characters in Haikyuu!), partially due to projecting his own failures as a short volleyball player. Unsurprisingly, he has never been ranked on an official Haikyuu! popularity poll.

Some fans have turned around and enjoyed his presence in Haikyuu! Still, it's easy to see why one would hate him for his actions.

Note: This article reflects the writer's personal views.

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