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My Hero Academia fans have taken serious issue with Mineta's character (Image via Studio Bones)

10 most disliked characters in My Hero Academia

Despite the massive popularity of My Hero Academia, the series has its fair share of disliked characters.

Heroes and villains can be despised for entirely different reasons. The former might result from inaccurate characterization, while the latter is due to their heinous actions. Some fans can't stand these characters in My Hero Academia regardless of the reasons.


This article will dive into the most disliked personalities within the series. Please note that some characters on this list can still be very popular with the fans. The size of their 'hatebase' is subjective. A word of caution, this article contains manga spoilers.

My Hero Academia characters most despised


10) Neito Monoma


Neito started as a narcissistic rival in the Sports Festival arc, constantly getting under Bakugo's skin. My Hero Academia made it seem like he would become a major threat down the line. However, he gradually devolved into a comedy act after the tournament ended.

Barely anybody takes him seriously anymore, not to mention he can be severely obnoxious at times. Some fans of My Hero Academia wish he got more development beyond his inferiority complex.

9) Himiko Toga


The yandere trope remains popular within anime circles, but that doesn't mean everybody likes it. Toga fits this description exceedingly well, given her penchant for violence and creepy obsession with students.


Her psychotic nature understandably puts off some fans. Toga is popular in My Hero Academia, but detractors are not.

8) Katsuki Bakugo


Bakugo is a loud and abrasive individual who is utterly despised by certain fans. Back in his early childhood, he relentlessly bullied Deku because he didn't want to be surpassed by him. It once got to where Bakugo told Deku to end his own life. Many fans still haven't forgiven him for his past actions.

7) Izuku Midoriya


Believe it or not, even the main character has a sizable hatebase. Just take a look at the above video. Judging by the overall reaction, many viewers agreed with the sentiment.

There are several reasons why Deku gets a lot of flak within the community. Some fans couldn't get over the fact that he quickly forgave Bakugo for his bullying antics. Others think Deku is a cliched anime protagonist who falls in line with the "chosen one" trope.

He can even use multiple Quirks simultaneously, which makes him seem overpowered. Some fans believe that My Hero Academia has the same problem as Dragon Ball Z, where other characters fall into the wayside.

6) Enji Todoroki


Endeavor is an extremely controversial figure in My Hero Academia, both inside and outside the series. He was very abusive to his wife and children. At one point, he considered Shoto to be nothing more than a tool since he wanted his son to surpass All Might (which he never could).

He also drove his wife to a mental breakdown, resulting in Shoto being scarred for life. Endeavor's need to prove

He did get a redemption arc during the Pro Heroes saga, where he tried to make it right by his family.

5) Kai Chisaki


Overhaul is an influential Yakuza leader who wants a world without Quirks. He forces a little girl named Eri to use her Rewind Quirk to achieve this goal.

He often reconstructs her body in brutal ways to produce a Quirk-destroying drug with his Quirk. My Hero Academia fans dislike his sick and twisted nature.

Overhaul is also extremely hypocritical, given that he relies too much on his Quirk (despite wanting to destroy other Quirks). Shigaraki points this out at the end of the Shie Hassaikai arc, right before he takes Overhaul's.

4) Tomura Shigaraki


Shigaraki is a diabolical fiend that wants to destroy society itself. With the use of his Decay Quirk, he can easily crumble entire cities into mere dust. Shigaraki does it throughout multiple arcs, namely the Meta Liberation Army saga and Paranormal Liberation War.

It doesn't matter how many lives need to be lost. Shigaraki only wants the world to suffer as he did, back in his abusive childhood.

3) All For One


Arguably the main villain of the series, One For All is responsible for a century's worth of death and destruction. His ultimate goal in My Hero Academia is to rule over Japan as a demon king. Despite crushing losses to All Might, he always gets right back up.

All For One bears full responsibility for turning Shigaraki into a complete monster, having raised him since childhood. If it weren't for All For One, the world would undoubtedly be a lot safer. Cruel and unkind, there is no single redeemable quality about this character.

2) Kyudai Garaki


This mad scientist works directly under All For One and Shigaraki. He is responsible for creating Nomu, mindless enslaved people with no free will of their own. Kyudai is willing to do whatever it takes to appease his master, regardless of the unethical consequences.

My Hero Academia fans also speculate that he stole Deku's Quirk as a child, although it's unconfirmed. Nonetheless, Kyudia has ruined countless lives through his monstrous creations.

1) Minoru Mineta


Mineta's perversion is likely to get under the skin of several viewers, particularly female ones. This ranges from inappropriately touching Tsuyu Asui (U.S.J. arc.) to spy on the women's bath (Forest Training arc).

My Hero Academia does condemn his actions, given how many characters seem to despise his antics. However, it often rings hollow because of how often it happens. Mineta rarely gets much-needed characterization within the story.

What also doesn't help is that Mineta is an arrogant coward who always speaks his mind. That's not even getting to his painfully uncool hero costume, along with his overly simplistic design.

Note: This article reflects the writer's personal views.

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