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Characters who truly value their comrades and friendship (image via Pierrot)

10 Naruto characters who chose friendship over everything else

The Naruto series repeatedly dealt with important themes and issues over the years. One such recurring theme is friendship, which had special focus across the popular shonen anime and manga series.

Numerous characters were introduced in the series, some of which valued their friendship more than their own lives. Let’s take a look at some of these characters who cared a lot for their friends and valued their comrades’ lives more than the mission assigned to them.


10 Naruto characters who deeply cared for their friends

1) Naruto


Naruto is one of those characters who has repeatedly shown his love for his comrades. He believes that friendship is the most important thing, and given his tragic past, it makes complete sense for him to say that.


He is someone who will always be there for his friends and even risk his life to save them as well. Naruto has been in numerous situations where he has risked his life to save his friends.

2) Kid Obito

Can't wait until Comic Con to open up!RT for Kid Obito Fav for older Obito. http://t.co/haTdHnfjVz

When Obito was a young Shinobi who Minato was training, he believed that comrades were more important than any mission assigned to a shinobi. One of his most famous quotes is, “In the world, those who break the rules are scum. But, those who abandon their friends are worse than scum.”

He aspired to become a Hokage and had a significant impact on Kakashi’s life since he was a person who thought that a shinobi’s mission was more important than the shinobi itself.

3) Kakashi

Kakashi Hatake (image via Pierrot)

After witnessing his friends die, Kakashi changed a lot, and Obito influenced him. Kakashi truly started to believe that friends are more important than a mission. He is the type of person who will try to analyze any situation and develop the best solution. However, if his comrades were in danger, he would not hesitate to engage in combat or risk his life to save them.

4) Rock Lee

Rock Lee from the Naruto series (image via Pierrot)

Rock Lee is a character who doesn’t let adversity get to him and is the hardest worker in the room. Like his mentor, he is constantly training to become a better shinobi. Might Guy is someone who will not let his comrades get hurt in his presence. Even during the chunin exams, when the sound ninjas had attacked him and Sakura, he resolved to do whatever it took to ensure that she didn’t get hurt. He’s constantly shown that his comrades' lives are more important than anything else.

5) Konohamaru


When Konohamaru was a child, he was not very social, was rude to everybody and didn’t have a sense of direction. However, Naruto played a massive role in his development and the ideals that shaped Konohamaru in the Boruto series. He is an instructor at the academy, and he also values friendship. Konohamaru became a responsible adult whose ideals about company and comrades were influenced by Naruto during the earlier stages of the series.

6) Shikamaru

9/22 - Happy Birthday, Shikamaru!

Shikamaru is a laid-back character who doesn’t show his emotions regularly. However, he is the shinobi who will not think twice about risking his life to save his comrades. When Hidan killed Asuma, he was shaken up and grieved for a while. These situations build character, and Shikamaru became a fine shinobi who deeply cares for his comrades and village. He even became the Hokage’s advisor in the Boruto series.

7) Rin

Happy Birthday, Rin Nohara🥳
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Rin did not receive much screen time when compared to other characters on this list, but she was someone that profoundly valued friendship and cared a lot for her comrades. Every time Obito and Kakashi squabble, she tries to find an objective way to end those petty fights. Even in missions, she was constantly worried about her comrades’ lives. When she was forced to become a jinchuriki in an attempt to attack Konohagakure, she decided to kill herself because she didn’t want to hurt her comrades or her village, which showed how much she valued friendship.

8) Hinata

Hinata Hyuga (image via Pierrot)

Ever since Hinata was a child, she was there for Naruto and acknowledged him before anyone else did. She isn’t very good at putting her feelings into words, but she is someone who will always be there to support those that are close to her. Hinata might be shy, but she is someone who will protect the ones she loves even if she has to risk losing her life. She tried to save Naruto while fighting Pain despite knowing she would lose that battle.

9) Might Guy

Might Guy (image via Pierrot)

Might Guy considers Kakashi as one of his best friends and rivals. Ever since their days at the academy, Kakashi was able to defeat Might Guy, which sparked a fire in him to become a better shinobi. Might Guy knew that Kakashi had witnessed some tragic events and even requested the Hokage to transfer him to the Anbu Black Ops so that he could be Kakashi’s partner and help him out. Might Guy has always been ready to fight someone for the safety of his comrade. He didn’t think twice about opening all Eight Gates in the hopes of safeguarding his comrades and the village from Madara’s attacks.

10) Sai

11/25 - Happy Birthday, Sai!

Sai was a part of the Roots organization and was asked to let go of his identity and emotions. But, ever since he became a shinobi for the Konohagakure and went on numerous missions accompanying Naruto, he realized that friendships were meaningful. It was okay for him to show his emotions, and he understood that comrades are more important than a mission. While he wasn’t like this, he certainly was a changed man by the time Shippuden ended.

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