Boruto episode 227: Team 7 goes to save Konohamaru

Team 7 in Boruto (Image via
Team 7 in Boruto (Image via

Boruto filler episodes continue to air as the anime waits for the manga to progress further before animating the next arc of the storyline. But these filler episodes are not completely irrelevant, as we see Sarada becoming the new captain of Team 7. Episode 227 creates several parallels with Naruto and while the episode doesn’t have a lot in terms of content, it certainly has nostalgic value.

Boruto episode 227 highlights

Team 7 gets a new leader

The episode begins with Boruto, Mitsuki and Sarada discussing Sarada’s promotion to become the leader of Team 7 and Konohamaru signing off as their mentor. They mention that it was customary for a member of a team who became chunin to be promoted, and that this was a tradition that had been upheld since Naruto’s time.

The original Team 7 (Image via Narutopedia)
The original Team 7 (Image via Narutopedia)

Fans also get to see some precious Uchiha family moments with Sasuke giving Sarada a pep talk when she is feeling down.

Konohamaru gets captured during an urgent mission

However, they worry about how Konohamaru will feel regarding this only to find out that he has left on an urgent mission. The mission is supposed to be simple but still ends with a poisoned Mirai returning and Konohamaru apparently having let himself be captured to protect their clients. When Naruto decides to send reinforcements, Team 7 asks to be assigned to the job.

Throughout the series, there is a strain of surprise at Konohamaru’s predicament as his abilities and experience as a shinobi of jonin level should have made such a situation easily manageable.

The sentiment is echoed by Sarada as well, and they soon find out why when they spot Konohamaru being held captive. The people of the village, where the bandits have set up camp, are being forced to cooperate with them.

Team 7 saves Konohamaru, takes down the bandits

Realizing that Konohamaru was trying to save them all, Boruto uses Naruto’s famous Sexy Jutsu to transform himself into a girl and buy time. Sarada and Mitsuki make quick work of the other bandits under the cover of mist that engulfs the village after sundown, something that Konohamaru himself was waiting to take advantage of, to free the villagers.

As the leader of the bandits, Hyogo of a Hundred Faces, tries to run, Konohamaru uses a combo move with Boruto and Sarada, taking the bandit down with his rasengan.

Team 7's picture in Sarada's room (Image via YouTube)
Team 7's picture in Sarada's room (Image via YouTube)

The episode ends with Sarada leaving for the day and a new photo of their team 7 with Konohamaru behind them resting on her bedroom window, reminiscent of the original Team 7 photo of Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura posing with Kakashi behind them.

Preview to episode 228


The preview to Boruto episode 228 shows that Kawaki is given the opportunity to participate in a D-level mission to judge if he can be a proper shinobi.

In episode 226, we see Kawaki telling Naruto in his own roundabout way that he would not mind becoming a shinobi, and Naruto takes him up on that. With instructors evaluating him during the mission, if Kawaki is able to fulfill it properly, he would be made a genin directly.