Boruto episode 226: The chunin exam ends with unexpected results

Boruto, Mitsuki and Sarada (Image via
Boruto, Mitsuki and Sarada (Image via

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations episode 226 ended on a strange and unexpected note. Anime watchers were expecting two intense matches back-to-back, but Kishimoto and Kodachi have a tendency to introduce plot twists left and right, leaving fans bewildered.

Though not utterly unpleasant, this latest bit of deception has shattered the expectations of followers of the series.

Boruto episode 226 highlights

Mitsuki and Boruto reach the stadium

The preview at the end of episode 225 lulled us into a false sense of security, making us believe that in classic shonen battle fashion, the protagonist arrives fashionably late, just in time for the final showdown. However, Boruto and Mitsuki do not reach the stadium in time, causing both of them to be disqualified immediately.

Tsubaki versus Denki

Meanwhile, the final match of the tournament pits Tsubaki against Denki, Naruto aptly calling this face-off a fight between "samurai and science." Tsubaki, as expected, is most likely to win this match, and in terms of pure physical reflexes and combat ability, she would have.


But allowing the use of scientific ninja equipment highlights Denki's observation skills and ability to incorporate jutsus into technology and use it to his advantage. His motion sensor, Sarada notes, acts almost like a Sharingan, and even when his equipment runs out of steam, he improvises and uses the last of his chakra to secure a win and become chunin.

Preview to episode 227

At the end of the episode, Kawaki admits to Naruto that he might consider becoming a genin. Meanwhile, Boruto and Mitsuki meet up in the stadium after hours for an impromptu match, since their disqualification meant they couldn't face off against each other during the actual exam.

While Boruto and Mitsuki do not seem too bothered at not having become chunin, not everything seems to be smooth sailing. Konohamaru runs into a villain and Naruto decides to send reinforcements. Sakura is seen treating Mirai with medical jutsu, and Team 7 asks to be assigned to this mission.


Titled "Team 7's Last Mission?!", it suggests the possibility of an upcoming timeskip and finally revealing a teenage Boruto, and bringing the anime closer to current arcs of the manga. However, it is still a weak speculation, considering the frequency of publication of the manga's chapters.