Can Rock Lee open all Eight gates in Boruto?

Rock Lee in Naruto Shippuden (Image via Studio Pierrot)
Rock Lee in Naruto Shippuden (Image via Studio Pierrot)

Rock Lee undoubtedly seems to be one of the strongest characters in both Naruto and Boruto. This says a lot as, unlike most other characters, he cannot perform Ninjutsu. However, after being trained by Might Guy, who is possibly the strongest Taijutsu user in the Naruto universe, as named by Madara, he seemed to improve a lot. But can Rock Lee open all Eight gates in Boruto? This is something that has created a debate in the fandom for a long time. Here is what they seem to think about the same.

Note: This article contains spoilers!

Can Rock Lee open all 8 gates in Boruto?

During the Chunin exams, Rock Lee could already open up about Five Inner Gates, as he portrayed in his fight against Gaara. After that, the fandom already knows how his injuries during this fight almost ended his career as a shinobi. Despite this, he never seemed to lose hope and after being treated by Tsunade, kept on training. In fact, he trained to the point that during the Fourth Great Ninja War, he seemed to be able to open up to Six Inner Gates.


After the war was over, during the last episodes of Shippuuden, fans even heard him admit that he had mastered opening up to the Seventh Gate. In Boruto, when Lee trains his son Metal Lee in the Eight Inner Gates technique, it seems to be assumed that he has mastered all Eight gates in his adulthood.

Although there is no direct admission, and fans are yet to witness him opening all Eight Gates, the fandom seems to agree that it is only natural that he might have opened all Eight Gates.

The Power of the Eight Inner Gates formation

The Eight Inner Gates seem to stay in a person's body to limit their Chakra usage so they do not harm themselves. When a Shinobi learns to open these gates, they basically remove these limiters one by one in order to use their body's full potential. The power of the Eight Gates is something the fans witnessed during the Fourth Great Ninja War, when Might Guy did it as all other attacks seemed to be futile against Madara, who was the Ten-Tails Jinchuriki then.


Although it pushed him to the limits of his physical prowess, it might very well have killed him if it was not for Naruto healing him with his Sage of Six Paths powers. However, this Jutsu, being the highest form of Taijutsu, also comes with great power, speed and agility as was portrayed during that fight in how Might Guy almost killed Madara. So, if Rock Lee, as an adult is able to open all Eight Gates, it would be safe to say that he is one of the strongest Shinobi among the Boruto characters.

Boruto seemed to have reached the peak of popularity in the last year, with amazing twists and reveals. As a result, fans are eager to know what new surprises the series brings for them in the new year. Stay updated on the same with news and features here.

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