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Comparing Kabuto to some of the characters from the series (Image via Pierrot)

5 Naruto characters who can beat Kabuto (& 5 don't stand a chance)

Kabuto is certainly one of the most underrated characters in the Naruto series and that’s because he didn’t receive the screen time to display his true potential. He is someone that spent years with Orochimaru, who performed a ton of experiments in the hopes of becoming one of the most powerful beings in the world.

Kabuto is also capable of entering Sage Mode and he perfected this technique, something that even Jiraiya couldn’t do.


Characters that can beat Kabuto in the Naruto series

1) Naruto

Naruto Uzumaki from the series (image via Pierrot)

In his Six Path Sage Mode, Naruto is undoubtedly one of the strongest characters in the entire series. After receiving new powers from Hagoromo, his combat abilities were drastically enhanced.


While Kabuto’s Sage Mode is strong and has numerous abilities, Naruto would be able to beat him since he can perform jutsus with insane destructive powers like Ultra Big Ball Rasenshuriken. Kabuto would not be able to beat him at all.

2) Sasuke


Towards the end of the series, Sasuke developed a Rinnegan, arguably one of the strongest doujutsus in the entire series. He could manipulate space and could perform space-time jutsus as well. He even created the perfect Susanoo. Sasuke is considered to be one of the strongest reincarnations of Indra. He would be able to beat Kabuto in his Sage Mode as well.

3) Hashirama

Hashirama Senju from the Naruto series (image via Pierrot)

Hashirama is one of the strongest shinobis to have ever existed and he has a ton of battle experience. Not only is he more experienced in utilizing senjutsu in comparison to Kabuto, but Hashirama also had a variety of medical ninjutsus up his sleeve to heal himself during a battle.

He also had huge chakra reserves and was strong enough to keep both Madara and the Kyuubi cloaked in a Susanoo at bay. Kabuto also wouldn’t have any answers to Hashirama’s wood release techniques.

4) Obito

Obito Uchiha from the Naruto series (image via Pierrot)

Towards the end of the series, Obito became the Ten Tail Jinchuriki, making him ridiculously powerful in the series. No matter what Kabuto threw at him, Obito could negate his attacks using the Truth Seeking Orbs.

Obito also had one of the most broken Sharingan abilities, Kamui. Obito is extremely well-versed in genjutsu as well and he can sync with the Ten Tailed Beast to launch some of the most powerful attacks as well.

5) Kaguya

Kaguya Otsutsuki from the series (image via Pierrot)

Kaguya Otsutsuki was close to unbeatable in the series and it took the combined efforts of some of the strongest shinobis to beat her. She had the Rinnesharingan, one of the most potent doujutsus in the series. She can also open portals to other dimensions, making her ridiculously strong.

Characters that don’t stand a chance against Kabuto

1) Gaara


Gaara is, without a doubt, a strong shinobi who is highly skilled in Sand Release and can cause a ton of destruction as well. He was also the One Tail Jinchuriki and has huge chakra reserves compared to the average shinobi. However, Kabuto has a ton of tricks up his sleeve since he worked with Orochimaru for a long time.

Kabuto is capable of entering Sage Mode. He can also use Edo Tensei and summon some of the strongest characters. Gaara will not be able to beat him.

2) Rock Lee

I've always been this fabulous, dad
9:00 AM · Oct 27, 2015

Rock Lee is another capable young shinobi who can overwhelm strong opponents using his Taijutsu. He has constantly proven his potential when pitted against a strong character. Comparing Rock Lee from the Shippuden series, there’s a chance that he might not be able to beat Kabuto. The latter can use White Rage, which hinders sensory perceptions due to blinding light and harsh sound vibrations.

Rock Lee’s Taijutsu could be rendered useless if Kabuto decided to liquefy his body to tank some of Rock Lee’s attacks.

3) Neji

(7/3) Happy Birthday to Neji Hyuga, gone but not forgotten. #naruto
5:14 AM · Jul 3, 2021

Neji, hailing from the Hyuga clan, possesses the Byakugan doujutsu, allowing him to look at a person’s chakra points and chakra flow. Using his Gentle Fist, he can shut down critical chakra points, which affects the opponent. However, someone like Kabuto in his Sage Mode will not have a problem because the difference in their abilities is quite vast.

Kabuto can also use Edo Tensei to summon a strong shinobi to fight against Neji, complicating things. Kabuto would beat Neji without a problem in the Naruto series.

4) Jiraiya

It's November 11th, happy birthday Jiraiya 🙃
7:47 AM · Nov 11, 2020

Jiraiya is powerful and can enter into Sage Mode, but it is imperfect. On the other hand, Kabuto perfected Sage Mode and utilized natural energy far more efficiently than Jiraiya. Kabuto is extremely underrated and if he went up against Jiraiya, the chances are that he would beat the pervy sage.

Kabuto’s White Rage and his regenerative abilities could prove too much for Jiraiya to deal with, thanks to Orochimaru and his experiments.

5) Shikamaru

Shikamaru Nara from the series (image via Pierrot)

Shikamaru would get destroyed by someone like Kabuto, who has far more knowledge and enhanced combat abilities compared to Shikamaru. Kabuto wouldn’t even need to enter Sage Mode to defeat Shikamaru because of the latter’s clan jutsu.

It is extremely situational and there are many variables to account for if he needs the jutsu to work accurately. Things would end immediately if Kabuto used Edo Tensei since Shikamaru will not be able to handle two opponents at a time.

Disclaimer: This article reflects the opinions of the writer.

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