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Attack on Titan: Who is the father of Historia's child?

Attack on Titan is a show that has given fans over a decade of buildup to reach where it is now. Hailed as one of the greatest shows of all time by the fandom, it is filled with twists and turns that they never saw coming.

From the first appearance of the Attack Titan to how Eren got his powers to the truth of the world, it keeps fans stuck to their seats and watching with their mouths open.


Another twist that came right out of left-field was seeing Historia pregnant last season. There are as many fan theories about it as there is dissent about this particular plot.

So, just how does Historia's pregnancy fit into the plot? Who is the father of the baby? There are numerous questions and too few answers. Take a look at who this mystery person seems to be here.


Who is the father of Historia's child?


The identity of the father of her child seems to be as much of a mystery as the timeline of her pregnancy. At once, fans learn that she is pregnant, but the father's identity remains a mystery as the ones discussing it only referred to him as the "Farmer boy".

He seems to be someone Historia knew since her childhood, and by working alongside each other in the orphanage, they somehow grew closer.

How does Historia's pregnancy fit into the plot of Attack on Titan?


Historia in the last arc of Attack on Titan seems to have taken a backseat, although she still serves as the Queen and manages the orphanage. The main impact of her pregnancy in the plot seems to be to keep her safe somehow, something Eren suggested a long time ago.

Not that she should get pregnant, of course not, but to keep her safe anyhow.

He seems to think that is the only way forward from the doom they are all about to face. Fans seem to believe what he meant here was that it will not only keep the hierarchy in the Attack on Titan world intact, but it will provide the island with a strong and capable leader who can guide it.

In turn, fans seem to theorize that he meant that it is also the only way to ensure that there will be someone left in her stead to guide the island if something were to happen to her.


However, the new horizons open up after the final battle between the Yeagerists and the rest of humanity in Attack on Titan. So, it is debatable whether a blood-line-centric hierarchy should still be placed there or not.

Is Eren Yeager the father of Historia's child in Attack on Titan?


However, there seems to have become two factions in the fandom regarding this particular plot twist of Attack on Titan. One believes the above-mentioned story to be true.

Another group seems to think that it is none other than Eren Yeager, the hero turned villain of Attack on Titan, who is the actual father. This belief possibly became stronger in this faction of the fandom after witnessing how Eren kept trying to force Historia to protect herself first.

Unfortunately, fans have no clear answer on this as, in the manga, there does not seem to be any proper explanation of this. Will the anime finally answer all these burning questions of the fans, or will it become another doubt in the anime world that fans will have to carry with them forever?

It is something that they have to wait until Attack on Titan starts airing its new and final season from January 9, 2022. Until then, make sure to keep yourself updated with more news and features of the Attack on Titan anime and manga series here.

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