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Isshiki Otsutsuki in Boruto (Image via Masashi Kishimoto/Shueisha)

Boruto: The importance of the Otsutsuki Gods, explained

Boruto chapter 75 spoilers revealed some shocking truths about the series, specifically related to Eida and Daemon’s ancestry. Previously in chapter 74, Amado stated that the Eida’s ability to fly was fairly common among those of the Otsutsuki clan, even suggesting that Boruto and Kawaki might soon develop such abilities on account of them being genetically Otsutsuki.

Amado’s confession in chapter 75 not only confirms Eida’s connection to the Otsutsukis, but also suggests that ‘Gods’ from this celestial clan may pose an even greater threat later on in the series. This article discusses the nature of the Otsutsuki God and their significance in the series.


Disclaimer: This article contains spoilers for the Boruto manga.

The role played by the Otsutsuki Gods in Boruto series


Are all members of the Otsutsuki clan Gods?

Isshiki tells Code about the Otsutsuki will (Image via Masashi Kishimoto/Shueisha)

The Otsutsuki clan members have been described in the Naruto and Boruto series as belonging to a continuously evolving celestial species aiming to achieve godhood. The parasitic nature of the clan allows its members to attain immortality by transferring their genetic data to a compatible vessel, but for the Otsutsuki, immortality alone does not denote godhood.

In chapter 55, Isshiki ordered Code to cultivate the God Tree and eat the chakra fruit to evolve and continue to do so using nourishment from other planets until he became a God. Isshiki’s statement suggested that although he had consumed several such chakra fruits and evolved over the centuries, he himself had not achieved their notion of “godhood.”

Isshiki's description of an Otsutsuki god (Image via Masashi Kishimoto/Shueisha)

In the series, Amado also revealed that Kaguya and Isshiki had initially been sent to cultivate the God Tree on Earth, with Momoshiki arriving to investigate when two Otsutsuki failed to return with the chakra fruit. This suggests that Isshiki, Kaguya, and Momoshiki were all working under another more powerful clan member, possibly closer to becoming an Otsutsuki God.


The newest Otsutsuki God introduced in Boruto chapter 75

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Chapter 75 spoilers showed Amado delving into the mystery surrounding Eida and Daemon’s origins, following which he revealed Delta’s identity as his deceased daughter’s clone.

He disclosed the existence of an Otsutsuki God, Shibai, explaining that both cyborg siblings had been created using Shibai’s DNA, granting them abilities unique to the Otsutsuki. This Otsutsuki God’s description is different from Isshiki’s description in chapter 55 however, suggesting that this clan member may not have truly become a God yet.

The significance of the Otsutsuki in the series


The significance of the Otsutsuki clan in the series has gradually evolved over the course of the manga. Initially, the Otsutsuki clan members were portrayed simply as power-hungry villains hellbent on destroying the Earth.

But Boruto and Kawaki becoming genetically Otsutsuki, along with Eida and Daemon being created out of the celestial God, Shibai, has made the clan much more significant to the protagonist, directly affecting his village and all his loved ones.

Momoshiki mentions something along the lines of ‘Boruto’s thoughts getting corrupted with momoshiki’s new data’(?), which is how they were able to talk. Momoshiki doesn’t know how to fix this, but because of this glitch boruto saw what he wasn’t mean to see.

Shibai's introduction in chapter 75 also creates the possibility of the arrival of antagonists who are stronger than Isshiki or Momoshiki, since the Otsutsuki god seems to be the one closest, and possibly desperate, to become a true god.

The appearance of this new God on Earth would make Momoshiki's ominous prophecy doubly potent, enabling the hero of the series, Boruto, to surpass his father. The invasion by an Otsutsuki God might also explain the destruction of Konoha village in the post-timeskip scene at the beginning of the series.

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