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Buddy Daddies episode 12 release date (Image via P.A. Works)

Buddy Daddies episode 12 release date, where to watch, what to expect, countdown, and more

The upcoming episode of Buddy Daddies will air on Saturday, March 31, 2023, at 12 am JST across several local Japanese channels. After which, the series will be available on Crunchyroll.


The previous episode of Buddy Daddies relieved fans with the ultimate reunion between Miri and her papas. However, fans of the series were also saddened to see that they misjudged Misaki after discovering that her intentions were pure. Misaki wanted to repent for abandoning Miri by performing her duties as a mother and having a fresh start.

However, inadvertently being involved with Rei and Kazuki caused Misaki to lose her life, leaving her promise of taking care of Miri unaccomplished. As Miri’s responsibility fell on the shoulders of Rei and Kazuki, they retired from their line of work to do being full-time dads. However, things aren’t going to be that easy for the "buddy daddies."


Buddy Daddies episode 12 will see Rei standing up to his father, Kazuki doing everything to protect Miri from harm, and more

Release date, countdown, and streaming platforms

【Buddy Daddies】

"' 既定の過去

Episode 12, or the grand finale of Buddy Daddies, will air this Saturday, March 31, on Tokyo MX at 12 am JST. The episode will also run on other Japanese syndications, including BS11, Gunma TV, and Tochigi TV.

Crunchyroll will be streaming the finale of Buddy Daddies exclusively on its platform for free. Fans who want to revisit the series can watch all the episodes on Crunchyroll.

As the free version of Crunchyroll comes with many ads, for an uninterrupted experience, viewers can switch to Crunchyroll's Fan ($7.99/month) and Mega Fan ($9.99/mo), two of the most popular premium subscriptions offered by the platform. New subscribers on Crunchyroll can get a 14-day free trial.


The release timings of the anime series are listed below, along with their corresponding time zones:

  • Pacific Standard Time: Friday, March 31, 7 am
  • Central Standard Time: Friday, March 31, 9 am
  • Eastern Standard Time: Friday, March 31, 10 am
  • Greenwich Mean Time: Friday, March 31, 3 pm
  • Indian Standard Time: Friday, March 31, 8:30 pm
  • Central European Time: Friday, March 31, 4 pm
  • Australian Central Daylight Time: Saturday, April 1, 1:30 am
  • Philippines time: Friday, March 31, 11 pm
  • Brazil Time: Friday, March 31, 12 am

What to expect from Buddy Daddies episode 12


That can’t be the last episode though right? Right??

As stated earlier, the 12th episode of Buddy Daddies will be the series' grand finale. Since Shigeki violated his end of the deal by putting Miri and Kazuki’s life in danger, Rei won’t return to the organization to take the head position, which he has not been interested in since the beginning. Fans will also get to see Rei confront his father to make his life a literal hell.

Ogino has not given up on his targets, so fans of Buddy Daddies will also see him appearing in the next episode. An intense skirmish between Kazuki and Ogino will be one of the most important highlights. As there are a lot of things that need to be featured in the finale, it can be expected that episode 12 will be an hour long to impart a fitting end to the series.

A brief recap of Buddy Daddies episode 11

This was last conversation Miri had with her mother

Miri's absence was too much for Rei and Kazuki, as it almost made them dysfunctional. The former returned to his father to join the organization. Kazuki wanted to work, but Kyuutaro denied his request due to his current state. Misaki moved to an apartment that was near Miri’s daycare.

After Miri asked her mother when her papas would pick her up, Misaki revealed to her that they weren’t her fathers and apologized for abandoning her. However, for Miri, everything was confusing and went above her head. Rei discovered that his father betrayed him and put one of his assassins after Miri and Kazuki.

#buddydaddies #kazurei
we need to talk more about this scene. rei gives kaz his apartment yet kaz refuses, then rei gives kaz his lighter not giving him a chance to deny it. both of these actions of rei giving his possessions to kazuki meant "i want u to keep having a part of me"

Rei informed Kazuki about this, who rushed to Misaki’s new residence and updated Kyuutaro about the current situation. After finding Misaki being shot by Ogino, Kazuki tried to stop him from killing her but got shot instead. Kazuki stalled Ogino and forced him to flee the premises by calling the police.

Dying in Kazuki’s arms, Misaki asked him to protect her daughter as one last favor. Kyuutaro took the sleeping Miri and Kazuki to his safehouse, which even Shigeki had no idea about. After Rei joined them, Kazuki told him they could fake Miri’s death and send her to a faraway orphanage. However, Rei wanted to stay as a family as they intended.

Buddy Daddies #11 spoilers


What an episode. That went from 0 to 100 so fast. I know she wasn’t a good mother and tossed Miri out and was selfish, but she did not deserve that at all that was actually pretty sad. Especially for Miri even tho she doesn’t know yet twitter.com/i/web/status/1…

Kazuki agreed to Rei’s request but laid out many conditions, including helping with daily chores and limiting time for his video games. Together, they announced their retirement as assassins to Kyuutaro and proclaimed to him that they would be a real family.


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