Buddy Daddies: Why Kazuki and Rei are the perfect couple? Explained

Kazuki and Rei, the perfect duo. (Image via P.A. Works)
Kazuki and Rei, the perfect duo. (Image via P.A. Works)

The iconic duo of Kazuki and Rei from Buddy Daddies is getting widely appreciated and talked about. They are two polar opposite characters, but somehow they complete and complement each other perfectly. As the story progresses, they also build a home for themselves, with Miri being the center of it.

Buddy Daddies has become one of the most trending anime of the season since its release in January 2023. The anime tells a very entertaining yet heartwarming story of two assassins, and a little girl, Miri, who got involved in their lives, and everything changed after that.

All three characters have gone through a good amount of character development alongside the plot progress. The dynamic among them works like magic on the screen, and fans can't get enough of it.

Disclaimer: The article is subjective and contains anime spoilers.

Buddy Daddies: Kazuki and Rei complement each other perfectly

Kazuki and Rei, the perfect duo. (Image via P.A. Works)
Kazuki and Rei, the perfect duo. (Image via P.A. Works)

What happens when two entirely different men who are assassins are bound to stay together, and then, while on a mission, they meet a kid who is now stuck with them? That's exactly what Buddy Daddies is about.

With the two hopeless assassins carrying out the most important mission - taking care of a spirited little girl named Miri - the anime never becomes dull. While it was evident that neither Kazuki nor Rei knew what they were doing, they somehow managed to form a life as a family with Miri.

For the first time in their lives, they found something to protect and claim as their own, and they appear to understand the worth of it. They both strive to be better guardians for Miri every day, and even more than that, they are trying to be better humans for her.

In their family, Kazuki is more of a responsible type. He handles the cooking, cleaning, and even budgeting for the month. Meanwhile, Rei has been shown to be more on the lenient side. He plays games with Miri and also participates in her demands for asking for snacks like pizza.

Despite exhibiting two completely different energies, Miri has excepted both as her papas. In many ways, they both balance each other out at work and even in the family too. Thus, they create a perfect duo and perfect parents.

Is Buddy Daddies a BL anime?

With the evergrowing popularity of Buddy Daddies, a large group of fans also started shipping Kazuki and Rei together as they don't just take care of Miri, they take care of each other too, in their own ways.

Thus, a group of fans is a little confused about their relationship and where the anime is heading with their dynamic.

For fans who were rooting for them as a couple, there is a high chance that it is not a BL anime looking at the dynamic they share; they can be called work partners cum roommates cut buddies but not lovers.

It is an anime original series, and thus there is no manga as a source to confirm the future of their relationship. According to the anime, Kazuki already had a girlfriend in the past who he still remembers, and Rei is an introverted character who likes to keep his business to himself. Until now, there is no hint of them having any romantic feelings for each other.

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