Buddy Daddies  episode 8 weighs heavy on fans' hearts after witnessing Rei’s misery

Buddy Daddies episode 8 weighs heavy on fans
Buddy Daddies episode 8 weighs heavy on fans' hearts after witnessing Rei’s misery (Image via TMS Entertainment)

For Buddy Daddies fans, Friday is the most awaited day of the week, as it promises a new episode of their favorite show. With seven episodes already out, fans can’t stop praising the original anime for an amazing storyline that perfectly balances melancholic and euphoric themes.

After the previous episode, which focused on Kazuki’s saddening loss, it was expected that episode 8 would be about continuing Miri’s shenanigans. Surprisingly, however, the series once again shed light on Rei’s hard knock life, which he still hasn’t fixed.

Witnessing Rei having second thoughts on his choices caused fans to flood Twitter with their reactions.

Buddy Daddies episode 8: Fans react to Rei being a puppet to the Suwa Family

Although Buddy Daddies has already unveiled the dreadful situation of Rei in the third episode, fans were still wondering why he didn’t overcome his troubles after getting his life together with Kazuki and Miri.

The recently-dropped episode surprised many by exploring who Rei is and how he ended up with Kazuki in a two-person assassin gig. Emotions were running high by the time the episode drew to a close, following which, several netizens took to Twitter to share their reactions:

Rei comes from the ferocious Suwa family, a mafia family feared for its cutthroat rules. From the looks of it, it was apparent that Rei was hesitant to meet his father.

However, it was later revealed that it was more of an obligation. The episode baffled fans with a confounding plothole by not disclosing why Kazuki ran off. It also didn't divulge more information about the oath he took before his father.

Being the sole heir to the Suwa family, Rei is next in line to become the successor. However, after killing the person who trained him to use guns and fight, it is not high time for him to call off this lifestyle. Rei hated every single time he took someone's life, and now that he has found two his closest people, all he wants to do is protect them from any harm, even if it costs him his own life.

In particular, one line from Buddy Daddies seems to have hit fans quite hard. This is when Rei says:

"I have something worth protecting too."

While there is no denying the fact that Buddy Daddies continues to hit fans with heartbreaking episodes, one of the best things about episode 8 was Rei smiling for the first time on his own, which is considered to be a miracle. Given that Rei’s deadpan and intimidating face is his signature demeanor, fans were left delighted at the sight of him smiling.

Buddy Daddies fans were also left feeling emotional after learning how Kazuki took care of Rei and helped him overcome his sorrow. Though the relationship between Kazuki and Rei hasn’t been established yet, fans already presume them to be a couple since they possess all attributes that make them perfect husbands.

Watching Kazuki track Rei to bring him home and throw him a birthday celebration with the help of Miri was the most wholesome moment of the episode.

Although it has not yet been revealed, it can be surmised that for the sake of Miri, Kazuki and Rei will be reconsidering their choices about their line of work.

The episode's ending has incensed the entire Buddy Daddies fandom. It showed that Rei’s father is making Ryo Ogito on tail Kazuki and Miri and has also requested Kyuutaro look into the matter.

While it is hard to speculate what comes next for the trio, all fans can do right now is be patient until the next episode drops.

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Edited by Upasya Bhowal
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