Why should Buddy Daddies fans not miss out on episode 8.5 intermission, explained

Miri, Kazuki and Rei from Buddy Daddies. (Image via P.A. Works)
Miri, Kazuki and Rei from Buddy Daddies. (Image via P.A. Works)

Buddy Daddies is a trending series in the new-gen anime world right now. The approach it was going for initially seemed seen before, but now after almost nine episodes in, fans have started to appreciate it for its storytelling, maturity with humor, and character designs.

Before episode 9 of Buddy Daddies releases on March 11, it is very important for fans to watch episode 8.5 of the anime. The 24-minute long episode recapitulates all the prior episodes till now to brief out the events that have been covered by the anime.

Buddy Daddies episode 8.5 recaps all the previous 8 episodes of the anime

Buddy Daddies episode 8.5, which serves as an intermission for the anime, was released on March 4. Titled Cherry Pick, it is masterfully crafted to briefly recap all the prior releases of eight episodes till now into a 24-minute long episode.

Starting off with the introduction of the two main characters in the series, Kurusu Kazuki and Suwa Rei, the opening scene portrays how they meet Miri.

Kazuki, Miri, and Rei as seen in the anime. (Image via P.A. Works)
Kazuki, Miri, and Rei as seen in the anime. (Image via P.A. Works)

The episode progresses with Kazuki narrating the day when both he and Rei meet Miri for the first time while they are on a mission during Christmas and how one thing leads to another and they end up killing Miri's biological father, who she was in search for, and ultimately end up being her fathers.

All the major events were cherry-picked for the intermission episode, starting off with the initial struggles of managing Miri, the duo accepting her, them growing fond of her, the famous scene of Rei identifying himself as Miri's "Papa" before police officers, Miri's little hating moment for Kazuki and then forgetting that after coming back from her zoo trip.

The episode has it all and thus fans shouldn't miss out on episode 8.5 as it really holds all the emotions captured in a single episode for them to relive the moments. Additionally, a recap is also much needed before the anime steps into the next stage after intermission and starts getting more intense.

Moreover, as the anime is an original series, there is no manga for fans to look up to for picking details or predicting future events in the anime. A recap will meticulously help them to focus on the minute details of the plot which they could have missed and also to prepare them for what awaits right along episode 9.

Final thoughts

Buddy Daddies is an exceptionally well-crafted anime original series. All the characters have their own strong backstories which add dimension to the main plot of the anime.

Initially, the plot gave the feeling of Spy X Family, but the criticism quickly turned positive because of great characterization. Although the foundation of both series is kind of similar, Buddy Daddies has proven to have a more mature concept yet holding on to the happy vibe.

The storyline strikes a wonderful mix of serious and entertaining occurrences. The anime is absolutely hilarious but it is also emotional as it touches upon a lot of sensitive topics like upbringing, guilt, and mental healing. The essence of the anime is immaculate and it should be relived through episode 8.5 before moving on to the upcoming episode 9.

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