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Dragon Ball Z vs Naruto (Image via Toei animation/Pierrot)

Dragon Ball Z vs Naruto: Which one is better?

Dragon Ball Z and Naruto have been compared and contrasted for many years. They are regarded as two of the most well-known and influential anime franchises of all time and have enormous fan bases that often engage in debates about which series is better. The decision, however, is subjective and depends on individual preferences, as both anime bring a lot to the table.

Masashi Kishimoto is the author and illustrator of the Japanese comic series Naruto, centered around the character of Naruto Uzumaki, a teenage ninja who aspires to lead his village as Hokage. Naruto is renowned for its in-depth world-building, compelling storytelling, and rich character development.


The Japanese anime television show Dragon Ball Z is created by Toei Animation. The series, which is a prequel to the first Dragon Ball, recounts the exploits of Goku as he defends the Earth from different evildoers. Dragon Ball Z is renowned for its enduring characters, grand conflicts, and excessive action.

This article will attempt an in-depth exploration of the positives and negatives of both Naruto and Dragon Ball Z.

Disclaimer: This article is subjective and contains spoilers for both anime mentioned.


A comprehensive look at Naruto: Strengths, weaknesses, fanbase, and more

Naruto (Image via Pierrot)

Naruto sets out on a voyage of self-discovery throughout the series, making connections with his fellow ninjas and taking on formidable foes. In order to save his companions and village, he learns to control his own strength and harness the strength of the Nine-Tailed Fox.



The novel world-building of Naruto is one of its strong points. The series is set in a world of ninjas where many clans have unique skills, and in order to create a deep and multifaceted universe, the series also explores the politics and history of the ninja world.

Naruto and Sasuke (Image via Pierrot)

In Naruto, the characters are all well-rounded and have unique personalities and motivations. One of its best qualities and a key factor in the show's appeal are the character arcs, which are both touching and masterfully written, allowing viewers to identify with them on a deep level.

Naruto's emotional storytelling is one of its other strong points. The show addresses issues like loss, family, and friendship. The series features several heartbreaking moments, thanks to tragic backstories like that of the titular character himself, and unexpected deaths like that of Neji and Jiraya.


Pacing is one of the most frequent complaints about Naruto. The show is infamous for having numerous filler episodes that can be tedious and uninteresting. For viewers who are eager to watch the tale develop, this can be upsetting.

Parallel scenes.
The fact that naruto always acts tough around people. But when it comes to hinata, he's not afraid to show his vulnerable side & expresses to her his self doubts. As expected, Hinata always know the right words to say that always leaves naruto smiling in the end

Even though some of the filler episodes are entertaining, they ultimately don't do much to advance the story, making the narrative drag and uneven.


After debuting in Japan in 2002, the series instantly gained enormous popularity. Since then, it has been dubbed into many languages and broadcast in numerous nations.

Millions of fans around the world have seen the franchise's anime series, while its manga series has sold over 250 million copies worldwide. The series has also inspired a large number of films, video games, and merchandise.

16 years ago today, (Feb 15, 2007) Naruto Shippuden began airing!

What was your favorite moment?

Financial success

Naruto has been commercially successful as well, earning billions of dollars over the years. Several anime series, films, video games, and merchandise have all been produced for the brand, which has helped it achieve financial success.

With the original series airing from 2002 to 2007, and its follow-up series Naruto Shippuden airing from 2007 to 2017, the Naruto anime series has amassed over $3 billion in international revenue. Moreover, the series has produced more than 10 films, which have brought in more than $250 million in worldwide revenue.

Naruto (Image via Pierrot)

The Naruto franchise has produced over 40 video games, in addition to its anime series and motion pictures, and these games have brought in over $2 billion in worldwide sales. The franchise's merchandizing, which includes clothes, action figures, and other things, has also been very successful.

A detailed look at Dragon Ball Z: Strengths, weaknesses, fanbase, and more

Travellings Son Goku

Dragon Ball Z EP 106

A lot of people love Dragon Ball Z because of the way it blends action, drama, and humor in its animation. Many references to it may be found in movies, music, and other media, demonstrating its effect on popular culture.


Characters from Dragon Ball Z are well-known, which is one of its advantages. Some of the most well-known anime characters in history are Goku, Vegeta, Piccolo, and Frieza.

Each of these well-designed characters in Dragon Ball Z have a distinct personality and unique set of skills. With its diverse planets and races, the series also does a fantastic job at establishing the cosmos.

Goku and Vegeta (Image via Toei animation)

The action scenes in Dragon Ball Z are another asset. It also features dramatic and exciting bouts, well known for their impeccable choreography. Power scaling, in which the characters' skills grow as the plot develops is another feature of Dragon Ball Z, one that causes larger, more intense confrontations.


Although Dragon Ball Z is unquestionably a classic and adored anime series, it has its flaws, key among them being the plot structure. The show frequently repeats itself and has a lot of filler episodes.

Characters in DBZ occasionally repeat words and shout a lot during battles, which detracts from the dialogue.

Dragon Ball Z is the most overrated cartoon of all time.

Also, Goku is a bad dad.

There are several areas where the show may be improved, including its overreliance on fight scenes, inconsistent character development, and antiquated gender norms. Despite these drawbacks, the show's enormous fan base and continuing history are proof of its influence on mainstream culture.


When the series debuted in 1989 in Japan, it soon became a huge hit. Since then, it has been dubbed into many languages and broadcast in numerous nations.

What made y’all think Naruto can hang with Goku and yes I see only martial arts. Goku finna drag naruto 🤦🏾‍♂️ twitter.com/Coder_k24/stat…
Who's winning in a fight?
No powers, both humans,only martial arts
Naruto Vs Goku

One of the most well-known and influential anime series of all time, DBZ has a massive fan base. The franchise's manga series has sold more than 300 million copies worldwide, and millions of fans throughout the world have seen the anime series. A lot of movies, video games, and products have also been produced from the series.

Financial success

With billions of dollars in revenue throughout the years, Dragon Ball Z has been immensely profitable. Several anime series, films, video games, and merchandise have all been produced for the brand, which has helped it achieve financial success.

Gohan (Image via Toei animation)

With the original series airing from 1989 to 1996 and its follow-up series Dragon Ball Super airing from 2015 to 2018, the anime series alone has brought in over $5 billion globally. Moreover, the franchise has produced more than 20 films, which have brought in more than $250 million globally.

The Dragon Ball Z brand has produced over 50 video games, in addition to its anime series and motion pictures. These games have earned over $3 billion in worldwide sales. Products from the series, including action figures, clothing, and other items, have also been successful.


Naruto and Goku (Image via Toei animation)

Both the Dragon Ball Z and Naruto anime series are hugely well-liked and have devoted fans all around the world. While it's difficult to say for sure which franchise has a greater fan base, DBZ has been around longer than Naruto and has sold more manga volumes globally.

Dragon Ball Z is without a doubt the more financially successful franchise. Worldwide sales of the franchise have exceeded $12 billion, while sales of Naruto have over $8 billion. Both titles have enjoyed tremendous commercial success, although DBZ has a longer history and more video games and products than Naruto.


In conclusion, both Dragon Ball Z and Naruto have their strengths as well as weaknesses. Dragon Ball Z boasts recognizable characters and epic battles, whereas Naruto excels at character development and emotional narrative. Which one is superior ultimately comes down to personal preference.

While some viewers would choose Naruto's emotional complexity, others would prefer Dragon Ball Z's action and spectacle. But DBZ takes the edge when it comes to fan-following and financial success.

Both series are outstanding and have had a big impact on the anime industry. However, If we had to chose one of these two, then it would be Dragon Ball Z thanks to its enormous success and historic moments.

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