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Malaysian government censors Attack on Titan in the worst possible way (Image via Mappa)

Malaysian government censors Attack on Titan in the worst possible way

In a turn of events that has sparked amusement and bewilderment alike, the manga and anime series Attack on Titan has encountered an unexpected challenge in Malaysia.

In what seems to be an effort to uphold modesty, the Malaysian government has imposed censorship on the series, resulting in a rather humorous situation.


The Titans, giant humanoid antagonists infamous for their destructive nature, have been depicted wearing pants and other clothing articles in the Malaysian version of the manga. The outcome, which was likely aimed at creating a more sanitized image, has instead evoked more hilarity than seriousness.

The censorship decision has sparked a flurry of conversation and jokes on social media, quickly going viral. Even as international fans eagerly await the release of the final episode of the Attack on Titan Final Season Part 3 anime in Fall 2023, they find themselves increasingly curious about this Malaysian censorship scenario.


Attack on Titan's unintentionally comedic turn in Malaysia

#AttackOnTitan Rumbling from Malaysia's Manga version.

* Titans are wearing shorts after censored 🤭

In an attempt to temper the often grim and violent imagery of Attack on Titan, the Malaysian government has taken the extraordinary measure of clothing the Titans.

The move has resulted in a rather comical situation, with these massive humanoid creatures, typically depicted in a raw and somewhat grotesque form, now seen in a more whimsical light. The Titans, in their newly acquired swimwear or underpants, have sparked a torrent of amusement from fans and observers.

Interestingly, this isn't an isolated incident for Malaysia. Some locals affirm that such censorship practices, particularly the coloring over of explicit or bare parts in manga and manhwa, have been ongoing since the mid-2000s. However, with AoT's international fame, the peculiarity of this censorship approach has gained significant attention.

The sight of these terrifying giants, known for their carnage and fear-inducing stature, now flaunting clothing seems paradoxical and absurd.


Many have humorously compared the Titans' new attire to high-speed swimming suits or steam-blocking material, while others have questioned the reasoning behind allowing the depiction of the annihilation of humanity but censoring the Titans' lower bodies.

thank you #Malaysia for giving pants to the poor titans.
what a humanity.


Furthermore, the fact that the Titans in the original design are not explicitly anatomical adds to the ridiculousness of the censorship. Fans have pointed out that the series, recognized for its profound narrative and harsh depiction of a dystopian world, loses some of its impact due to the levity introduced by this censorship.

Nonetheless, the Malaysian version of Attack on Titan has unintentionally added a unique aspect to the global conversation around the series.

As fans worldwide anticipate the final part of the anime series, the comedic spectacle of 'pants-wearing Titans' provides a stark contrast to the otherwise brutal and emotionally charged narrative of Attack on Titan.

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