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Luffy is quite the legendary figure (Image Credits: Eiichiro Oda/Shueisha, Viz Media, One Piece)

One Piece: 4 ways Luffy ruined his likeability (and 4 ways he redeemed himself)

Luffy is the most liked One Piece character, but that doesn't mean he's perfect by any means.

Very few shōnen protagonists consistently get first place in their series' popularity rankings. Luffy is a notable exception, given that he has never faltered from that position. One Piece fans love him for his goofy personality, loyalty to his crewmates, and his adventurous spirit.


Coming up with reasons to dislike Luffy is very difficult. He's a charismatic leader who can make people laugh and cry. With that said, he does have a few minor flaws, but that's what also makes him relatable.

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4 ways Luffy from One Piece can be unlikeable

1) He can let people walk over him


Sometimes, Luffy can be too lenient with other people. He might be the captain of his ship, but he doesn't reinforce that position. Zoro reminded him of this during the Water 7 arc, right after Usopp had a falling out with Luffy. The Straw Hat needs to be more strict with his subordinates in One Piece.

Another example is the Jaya arc, where Luffy allowed Bellamy and his crew to beat him up at a bar. While Nami did not want them causing trouble in the area, she did take back her words during the fight. At the very least, Luffy could've defended himself while still not fighting back.

One Piece fans already know that Luffy followed an example set by Shanks earlier. However, all that did was reinforce Bellamy's cruel beliefs. He could just do whatever he wanted and not face consequences. Bellamy didn't truly reform until Luffy knocked sense into him.


2) Luffy never sticks to plans


Trafalgar Law is a master strategian, yet Luffy never seems to follow his lead. Ever since the One Piece timeskip, Law's plans have continuously gone up in flames. Luffy can never follow his orders or stay in one place.

Law has certainly learned from his mistakes in the One Piece series. During the Onigashima Raid, he knew that Luffy would screw up their element of surprise and start attacking the Beasts Pirates. Law had to develop a contingency plan in case that happened, and it did.

Either way, Luffy makes it that much harder for Law.

3) His recklessness can be very dangerous


Luffy often disregards his own safety, along with his crew members'. There were several moments where Luffy could've avoided a confrontation in One Piece. Sometimes, the Straw Hat Pirates only manage to survive through sheer luck.

During the Sabaody Archipelago arc, Luffy punched a World Noble, which resulted in Admiral Kizaru going after the Straw Hat Pirates. Had it not been for Rayleigh's timely interference, Zoro would've been easily killed.

Luffy knew what he was getting into, yet he still put everyone in danger.

4) Luffy can be very selfish at times


For better or worse, Luffy never thinks about the consequences of his actions. This was best seen when he broke into the Impel Down prison.

Luffy was more than willing to do anything to save his brother Ace. He didn't mind freeing dangerous prisoners along the way. Many of these escapees likely caused major damage once they left Impel Down. What makes it even worse is that Luffy indirectly made Blackbeard more powerful.

During the ensuing chaos, Blackbeard managed to recruit several Level Six prisoners. Luffy also forced Magellan to release the murderous Shiryu, only for the latter to join the Blackbeard Pirates instead. It's very likely that he killed several people since the One Piece timeskip.

4 ways Luffy from One Piece completely redeems himself

1) Luffy wants everyone to be free


Luffy's main goal is to become the freest man in One Piece. His dream also extends to other people.

The Straw Hat cannot stand oppressive regimes for that reason. Whether it's Doflamingo in Dressrosa or Kaido in Wano Country, he restores freedom by the end of those respective arcs.

Luffy is often the only source of light in this dark world. He regularly fights corrupt organizations and unjust kings, despite a discrepency in power levels. One Piece fans admire his steadfast belief in helping others. No matter how dire a situation may seem, Luffy will figure out a way to prevail.

2) He always forgives the right people


The Straw Hat never gives up on his friends, even if they become enemies for a brief while. There have been many times when a crew member was forced to leave, such as Usopp in Water 7 and Sanji in Whole Cake Island.

Regardless of their reasons, Luffy finds a way to forgive them. He is very good at understanding a person's true emotions.

It's very easy to hold on to a grudge, but it's difficult to let it go. Luffy doesn't let that happen in the One Piece series. Without fail, he makes sure that his crewmates find their way back onto his ship. The very concept of friendship is that meaningful to him.

3) Luffy does not tolerate injustices


Luffy is more like his father than he truly believes. Both of them have a really strong belief in justice. One Piece has plenty of examples to prove this, but a notable one takes place in the Onigashima Raid.

When members of the Beasts Pirates started wasting delicious food, Luffy remembered the starving citizens of Wano Country. He didn't allow this slight to pass, which is why he gave them a beating.

Luffy's compassionate side is a very endearing aspect of his character.

4) He will do anything to protect his friends


Without question, Luffy is the type of person who everybody wants on their side. He will do whatever it takes to keep his friends out of harm's way. The Straw Hat has displayed this attitude several times in the One Piece series.

A really good example took place in the Enies Lobby arc:

  • He rescued Nico Robin from the CP9 organization.
  • Luffy ordered Usopp to shoot down a government flag in defiance.
  • He barely defeated the extremely powerful Rob Lucci.
  • Luffy and his entire crew escaped a deadly Buster Call.
  • He made the government look like complete fools.

It doesn't matter if he's fighting a strong pirate or the entire world government. Luffy would never just stand by and do nothing. Whenever his friends are in danger, he will be the first to jump into action.

Luffy's fearless leadership may be his best quality in the One Piece series. It is the main reason why the Straw Hat Pirates are fiercely loyal to him.

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